Pregnancy Update Week 5

Happy New Year!

I wanted to wait a week to write another post because I want to do weekly pregnancy updates. But so much has happened in the last week that it’s going to be a big update today.

I called our fertility doctor to report the positive HPT. The clinic was closed until Dec 29th, so I had to wait a few days. We kept taking more home tests, and it kept getting darker and darker to the point where a super intense blue line showed up IMMEDIATELY, before I could even get the cap back on the test. Over the phone, the nurse told me to go for blood work and call back to make an appointment after I had three blood draws. I went to the blood lab today, and they said I should come back on Monday to start the blood draws, since they would be closed new year’s eve and new year’s day and it would put too long of a gap between tests if I started this week. So from the first day of my missed period, we will be waiting 10 days to get blood tests done and book our first doctor appointment! Holidays are inconvenient when you want information on a new pregnancy!

Also over the phone, our doctor started me on progesterone suppositories.  I felt it was unnecessary because this was a problem-free, natural conception. I’m skeptical of any drugs that are prescribed before the doctor has seen my blood test results – he has no idea what my progesterone levels are right now. But I am taking them anyway, until I get to talk to him about it. I guess I should be thankful that my chance of miscarriage MIGHT be reduced by using it (academic jury is still out on that one).

We also got an intake appointment with a midwife! Ontario health insurance only pays for one primary health provider at a time, so I can’t use both the fertility specialist and a midwife simultaneously. I will need to be transferred from the fertility specialist over to the midwife, which will hopefully happen in 2 weeks. The midwife appointment is Jan 21.

Even though it is very early still, I have had some symptoms surface between week 4 and 5. Some days I don’t feel different at all, but other days the symptoms will be crystal clear, like throbbing, growing boobs, and I remember that soon I will be feeding a baby with those boobs. Mind blowing.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Excitement!!
  • Bloated. It really feels like my period is a week late…
  • Peeing Frequently.
  • Hungry. My stomach sounds like an angry dinosaur and I am starting to feel nauseous if I stay hungry for more than a few minutes.
  • Sense of Smell. Prior to pregnancy I had very little sense of smell. Even skunk spray was pretty mild to me. This week I went to the fish counter at the grocery store and for the first time I could smell fish – more like the smell of a fishing boat that just came back to harbour after a day on the ocean. Perhaps the only reason I love sushi so much is because I COULDN’T smell the raw fish smell!
  • Pregnancy Gingivitis. This one is horrible… When I was a teenager I was prone to gingivitis (swelling of the gums and the roof of my mouth). Now it’s back… it hurts to eat anything other than soups and smoothies. Booking a dentist appointment is first on my list after the holidays.
  • Bigger Boobs. This one is particularly exciting for me because I always wanted bigger boobs…

Baby this week

The embryo is now the size of a sesame seed, and is shaped kind of like a tadpole. It is now inside an amniotic sac. A primitive placenta and umbilical cord are developing. The heart is starting to grow, and it will begin beating and pumping blood any day now – tomorrow I guess, since they say it starts 22 days after conception.

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 5

  1. This is so exciting! My doctor immediately prescribed a thyroid medication, but I told her I was refusing to take it until a blood test showed I needed it. When she finally approved the blood test, about 2 weeks later, I was right. No need for the meds. I don’t think progesterone has any risks, so I’m sure it will be fine until you get your blood tests. Might make you have more symptoms though! Ha.

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