What bottle system to register for

Spending that first week with our new nephew we had the opportunity to learn through observation. One of the things we observed was his parents scrambling to figure out what they needed when baby came a week and a half early and struggled with breastfeeding. They had registered for bottles (Dr. Brown’s) and an electric breast pump (Medela), but didn’t have a bottle warmer or a drying rack, probably because they expected to use bottles as supplementary only.

I have a dream situation for our own baby – that it will latch right out of the womb and my milk will be flowing from Day One. In this case I would love to use the Kiinde milk storage bag system, because we would stock just enough for occasional feedings by my wife when I choose to not wake up for a late night feeding. But if we have difficulties with breastfeeding – if we need to supplement with formula, if I need to pump to get stubborn milk to come in, if baby is tongue tied and can’t latch – this would be a wasteful system as the bags are disposable. Sure, they come with a great freezer storage system and make the milk’s journey from pump-to-baby’s-mouth hassle free, but if we end up needing to feed 12 bottles a day, we will be spending $70 a week on those disposable bags.

How do you know what system to register for when you don’t know what specific challenges you will have? Any advice on this would be very appreciated. We are heavy into product research mode right now as we start making our official registry.

7 thoughts on “What bottle system to register for

  1. You won’t know what kind of bottles your baby will like until you try. I’d recommend just getting a couple bottles in a couple different brands to try them out if need be. Honestly, I wouldn’t register for anything feeding related, that’s one of the things I would wait on.

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  2. I second what the others have said. We had a whole set of Tommee Tippee and ended up switching to Dr. Browns a month in. Best to try a few different ones first. For pumping, I pump into actual bottles so I don’t waste plastic bags. I use Lanisoh bags to freeze. They’re cheap and they work just fine!

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  3. I’ll add that the nipples make some of the difference, and some bottles will take several different kinds of nipples. We had evenflo glass bottles (super cheap, which was a benefit), and most of the nipples we found fit (including the medela ones that came with my breast pump).

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  4. I meant to respond to this when I read it on my phone and then forgot. Sorry.
    As we solely bottle feed, I echo the common comments above. Buy one of a few brands, and try them. This goes for bottles and nipples. It’s all about finding the right combo for the baby. It took us a long time and I will admit we now have a tonne of bottles in our cupboard that we have basically never used. Which means we also wasted a tonne of money. Which frustrates me beyond belief, but it’s a necessary evil.

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