What I Love About Being Pregnant

As I near the end and discomfort is rising, I want to make note of all the things I have loved about being pregnant. I’m happy and excited to be meeting my baby so soon, and super excited to soon be able to bend over, sleep on my back, and not have to pee every hour. But I still cherish this time of being pregnant. I feel so thankful that my body was able to grow this tiny human safely and effectively. I’m thankful that I got to experience pregnancy, if only once. So here are the things I have really loved about being pregnant.

1. Feels like my wife and I are sharing an exclusive adventure together (and shared an exclusive secret in the early weeks)

2. I feel justified in buying cute baby things, and I have bonded with the baby while washing baby clothes and organizing the nursery while carrying her around inside me.

3. I love how my body has changed, from the first little bump that only my wife and I could see (naked) to the big, beautiful, fertile belly that gets comments from passers-by.

4. Maternity clothes! I love the soft, stretchy, forgiving dresses and long shirts, and the elastic waistbands.

5. People always comment on my appearance, but it is always something nice: “wow, you look amazing!” “You are really pulling pregnancy off!” I think my social circle has been trained that pregnant people need constant compliments 😉

5. People are so nice to me. They bring me shopping carts at the grocery store, hold doors for me, pick up things I’ve dropped, call me sweety and honey and darling…

6. Reason to prioritize self-care – and it feels good. I don’t let myself stress out too much, I don’t overwork myself, I enjoy naps and meditation. I also feel healthier now eating right and not drinking booz.

7. I never feel guilty about having that extra serving of fro-yo, or really heaping my plate up with dinner. Baby needs the nutrients, and I’m supposed to gain weight.

8. THE BOOBS! Just another part of the improved body confidence that came with being pregnant. I was an A cup and always wanted bigger boobs. Now I’m a C cup and haven’t even filled with milk yet.

9. Feeling the baby move around in the belly. Surreal. Even now that she is punching me hard in the bladder all night, I am so thankful to be able to experience it.

10. When my wife falls asleep with her hand on my belly and baby is kicking away. They are connecting and bonding just like I get to connect with the baby.

11. Getting ultrasounds and trying to imagine what baby will look like when she is born and as she grows.

12. Coming up with baby names, and finding that perfect one (and writing it everywhere like I used to do with “Mrs. Backstreet Boy” when I was 10).

13. Blogging about pregnancy, being mindful of the whole experience.

14. Making plans and preparations with my wife. Discussing how we will parent and having my wife’s caring input in mine and baby’s medical care.

15. No period!!!

16. I have my baby with me everywhere I go and don’t have to worry about diaper changes or entertaining her.

2 thoughts on “What I Love About Being Pregnant

  1. This is beautiful! Glad you are enjoying your experience. 🙂 A good friend of mine is due right around the same time as you and really hates being pregnant but said she will miss being able to carry him around with her whenever she goes. That’s such a special connection to have!

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