Pregnancy Update Week 37.5

I am so impatient to get this labour started! I can’t even wait until Friday to write my update. My blood pressure has stayed labile – up and down, up and down. I want to get this baby out before it gets too consistently high… I had protein in my urine today and panicked for a while that it meant I had pre-eclampsia, but the midwife reassured me that the levels were low enough to not be a concern, and that in fact a low level of protein can be a sign that labour is near.

On Monday evening I had the bloody show… There was no record-breaking chunk of mucous like I read about online, but I think I had been losing my mucous plug a little at a time over the last little while. Then all of a sudden there was blood. A couple clot-like globs in the toilet, and pink tinged discharge for the rest of the evening. My midwife said it was a good sign, and should reassure us that labour will likely start on its own before I need to be induced for blood pressure reasons. Another sign that labour is near.

I have also had a few mild period-like cramps, but only a couple of instances per day for the last few days. Braxton hicks have increased in frequency, but I still barely notice them so they’re not very intense. My body has also been… *ahem*… emptying itself out. Another sign that labour is near.

We had our home visit today, where the midwife came and toured the house and gave us advice on where to labour at home (we are at least going to try for a home birth, while being fully prepared for a transfer of care mid-way through). We have planned to set up the birthing tub in the kitchen and put an air mattress in the dining room. I am going to pick up the tub today. The midwife has given us the go-ahead to try to induce labour naturally. She recommended that I get a stretch and sweep at my next in-clinic appointment (Tuesday morning), but in the meantime I will do lots of walking, load up on the orgasms, and perhaps crack out the breast pump. By the way, the breast pump freaks me out and I am more nervous to try it than I am nervous about labour. I have this irrational fear that my nipple will get stuck in it and cause me some serious damage. Anyway…

Let’s get this show on the road!


6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 37.5

  1. Sounds like things are starting to move! Here’s to a quick start, and a good labor and birth. I can promise you that, as long as you start at the lowest setting on the breast pump, you will not damage yourself 🙂 I don’t know if that’s helpful or not though, given that irrational fears are, well, irrational!

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