Pregnancy Update Week 38

Pre labour is a frustrating phase. Here are the pre labour signs I have been experiencing on and off all week:

  • Bloody show
  • Mild period-like cramps along with a lower back ache 
  • Contractions that are irregular – short and infrequent. My wife kept telling me to time them, but sometimes I couldn’t even be certain if I felt a cramp/surge/contraction, a digestion pain/stomach cramp, or just a sharp jab from baby. So timing them was a futile exercise. And they disappear completely for entire days.
  • Strong and frequent Braxton Hicks
  • Diarrhea
  • Nauseous on an off. I cracked out the stale old soda crackers from the first trimester nausea…

After 5 days of very clear pre-labour signs, I still feel like baby is going nowhere soon. 

The way I feel today makes me think I will definitely get to use my acupuncture appointment on Monday and maybe even my stretch and sweep appointment on Tuesday. 

I am thinking of sending my wife to the cottage 2 hours away this weekend in case Murphy’s law is just waiting for us to NOT be prepared in some way.

Breast Pumping Experience

I’ve been pumping to try to induce labour. The breast pump wasn’t as scary as I’d built it up to be. Kinda weird, but not painful. After just a couple of minutes on the lowest setting I started getting colostrum. Even though production wasn’t my goal, it feels really reassuring to know that my body is capable in that arena. 

I also attended a Le Leche League breastfeeding support group meeting to get to know everyone and to ask some first timer questions. 

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • My blood pressure has been holding steady (high for most people but not pre-eclampsia high).
  • Still peeing every couple of hours during the night
  • Besides frustration with lengthy pre labour, I have been feeling relaxed and confident. 

Baby This Week

  • 6-3/4 to 7 lbs, 19-20″
  • Still lots of movement, despite her tight living quarters.
  • Ready to come out and be cuddled by her mamas!!!

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