2 week post-partum update

Things are getting easier, slowly, day by day. I still can’t push myself or I end up in considerable discomfort by evening, but if I sit still for most of the day, I generally feel physically well enough to be up half the night with my crying baby, rocking her and bouncing her and getting up and down a bunch of times as I try out different nursing positions. This has been a huge relief compared to the first week post-partum when I felt I couldn’t care for my baby because of my need to heal.

We have a night owl on our hands. She does nothing but eat and sleep all day, and then she wants to be awake and cluster feed all night. Luckily I seem to still be powered by hormones, and the tiredness hasn’t gotten to me too much yet. I try to get at least one day time nap in every day.

My wife went back to work for two days this week, and I was able to spend one of those days alone. It was amazing. As an introvert, I need alone time to recharge my batteries, and I hadn’t had any since before the baby was born. I spent my alone day just hanging out with my newborn and had lots of skin-to-skin naps and nursing.

Milestone Moments

A big milestone for me was showering while home alone with the baby. I put her in a swing just inside the bathroom door and checked on her constantly, but I had a full length shower and even shaved my legs. The sense of independence and capability as a mom made me feel great.

I also took the baby on my first solo outing to the doctor’s office for my blood pressure check. We rocked it. Still haven’t had to do a diaper change while out and about, but I feel I have mastered the car seat.

I have also done a couple loads of laundry and a couple loads of dishes this week. My vagina starts to hurt by the end of these tasks, but it makes me feel good to do something besides feed the baby.

Blood Pressure

My blood pressure is finally under control. I am on meds, but I think my body is finally correcting itself because my BP is starting to go pretty low all of a sudden. Hopefully I won’t need to stay on the meds for long. My doctor said that it can take up to 6 weeks post-partum for gestational hypertension to correct itself naturally.

Birth Registration

Now that we are settled in to our new situation, we have started to look at all of the paperwork we will need to file for Avery’s birth. The promise of changing parentage laws has fallen through, and my wife still needs to adopt our daughter. There is lots of paperwork, lots of confusion, and lots of waiting/processing time ahead of us. It is really bumming us out. We just want to be recognized as a family. I want to be able to register our daughter’s birth with her actual last name, but we have to register her with my last name and change it later because we need the birth registration to be filed before we can file for second parent adoption. Can’t wait for this to be done, several months from now.

4 thoughts on “2 week post-partum update

  1. That first public diaper, and also the first public breastfeed were so stressful to me (for no reason at all). It’s amazing how simple tasks have turned into these monumental milestones, haha. I’m now fearing our first flight later this month (at 14 weeks).

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    • That would be so nice… It’s frustrating because we have a formal donor agreement, drafted by a lawyer, and officially signed and witnessed by all parties. The donor has signed his rights away, but the govt doesn’t care about our contract because it’s not a govt form.


  2. I can’t even imagine going through all of that for the second parent adoption! So sorry. It sounds like you guys are finding your groove. Well done. Taking that first shower while alone with the baby is definitely a big deal. You’ve got this!

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