3 week post-partum update

Biggest Challenges

This week the sleep deprivation hit me. I think the hormones were keeping me alert through the first two weeks, but now I am starting to feel like a zombie. I brew 8 cups of coffee in the mornings with dreams of becoming highly caffeinated, but only get around to drinking half a cup. Avery has been really fussy when we put her in the bassinet this week, and I think it’s due to gassiness. So days and nights now consist of feeding or comfort nursing, burping, trying to put her down and watching her fuss, burping her again, having her fall asleep on me and being unable to get up and do things, and then the cycle starts over. Oh and insert diaper change before AND after each feed, because clean diapers seem to trigger a poop reflex. This is the entirety of my existence 3 weeks post-partum: food source, diaper changer, and sleep aid.

Binge Watching Netflix
For the first two weeks I was too overwhelmed by simply caring for the baby – I didn’t want to be distracted from her by TV. Now I am ready to settle into Netflix shows while she nurses and naps on me all day. This week I watched two TV series… Broadchurch and The Returned. Both sad but super good.

My Milestone Moments

I took the baby grocery shopping by myself. We got a lot of attention from passers-by asking how old and telling me how precious she is. I didn’t even forget anything on my shopping list.

We also went to our favourite pub for a pint (half pint for me). We met our friend there with her 6 week old twins and really felt like we were rocking it as new parents. Gotta do these things while our kids are newborns and just eat and sleep all day still.

All in all I feel a lot closer to my old self again now. My vagina felt a lot better this week (I can sit on hard chairs again and rock the baby without pain), and I started wearing some non-maternity clothes again.

1 thought on “3 week post-partum update

  1. Super-jealous. I mean… why is it that everyone seems to be able to watch netflix with a newborn and MY experience was so, so, so difficult?
    Enjoy this moment =) It’s very exciting that you CAN do all these things!

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