4 week post-partum update


Bits of suture material have been falling out in my underwear and in the shower. I assume the stitches don’t dissolve until the wounds have had enough time to close, so it’s exciting! I’m still bleeding a little though. Just enough to still need pads. I can’t wait to be able to go free as a bird again…

4 weeks after giving birth I have had exactly 8 showers… That’s acceptable for a new mom, right?

Getting Out and About

We met up with a friend in the park and chatted on a park bench while her toddlers played and my little bug cuddled on my chest.

We also did another restaurant outing with our friend with the 6 week old twins. We walked downtown in the rain with both of our umbrellas over the stroller. We were soaked, but little bug was cozy and dry. On the walk home she got hungry and it had stopped raining so I nursed her while we walked. I thought I’d be bashful about public breastfeeding, but luckily I am 100% comfortable whipping her food source out in any environment.

It usually feels risky and unreasonable for us to head out on such expeditions when we are exhausted and the baby is fussing, but once we get out and about it feels really good. Humanizing.

I used the Moby wrap a couple of brief times around the house, but it’s too hot to wear right now. That and she seems a little big already for the newborn hug hold, so I will have to experiment with some other wrap configurations too. Luckily fall weather is right around the corner and it’ll be great for keeping us both warm.


Nighttimes have been getting easier!! In her 4th week she has started eating every 2 hours at night now instead of every 1 hour, and she is easier to put to sleep right after eating. I’m sure the whole sleep thing will be a 2 steps forward 1 step back kind of process, but I am relieved that I can get a couple hours of sleep at night now (still not consecutively, but way better than no sleep!)

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