6 week post-partum update

With this passing week, the post-partum period is technically over. I’m still not healed all the way from my 2nd degree tear, and mentally I am still in this blurry and delirious state of adjustment to caring for a newborn.  I wonder who decided that post-partum is a 6 week deal… I’m sure some people are back to normal physically and mentally much sooner, and other take longer.

Right now I am walking around the house with the baby in the Bjorn carrier. She doesn’t always like it, but when it works, it works. I used it this morning to make my coffee and breakfast, and now to do some writing. Lifesaver. My arms can only take so much.

I went shopping with the baby this week for some jeans in between maternity and my old size. I was waiting for a long time to get into the accessible fitting room, and it turned out someone from my hypnobirthing class was using it as a nursing room. I wanted to ask her if she wanted to grab a coffee sometime and talk about new mom stuff, but I wussed out. Anyway, I got jeans that fit and they make me feel so much better about myself.

I also tried to go to my first meeting on campus with the baby. My old advisor was giving a presentation. Unfortunately Avery came down with the worst bout of gassiness she has ever had right when the presentation started. I left my diaper bag in the room while I tried to soothe her in the hallway, but she didn’t soothe. She just got more and more upset. Finally someone brought my bag into the hall for me, and I left. I hadn’t been unable to soothe her before then and it was torture. It took hours and every hold/position I could figure out to finally get her to settle, and by then she was overtired and she fussed about that.

Then the following evening we started into The Witching Hour, with inconsolable evening crankies. Thank you to all the bloggers who reached out and gave me tips and assurances. It helps so much to know that other babies do this too.

Here are a couple of pictures from our one month fall photo shoot.

6 thoughts on “6 week post-partum update

  1. Cutest fall shoot!

    My understanding re: the six weeks is that is about how long it takes your uterus to shrink and heal. There was a big ol’ hole in the side of your uterus from where the placenta was attached, which shrinks and heals as your uterus shrinks. Around six weeks is when you’re no longer in danger of hemorrhaging, because that hole should be healed enough. Idk who decided that being past the point of suddenly bleeding to death meant new mothers were ready for everything else, though. :/

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  2. She sure is adorable! I’m convinced they have to be that adorable for us parents to be able to cope with the screaming sometimes! 😊
    I think your daring and courageous for trying to take her to a presentation. Hopefully the next one goes better.

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  3. Omg our witching hour was sometimes 4 agonizing hours. It is so hard to feel like you can’t soothe your baby. We had some success with the 5 “S’s” from Happiest Baby on the Block, but sometimes it just was what it was. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it all again when number 2 arrives in April. The first 3 months are hard even though they are so special.

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