Good week

*not including the election

We had a really, really good week. It started last Friday with the day of no crying – not a peep. That continued through the whole week, with very few fussy periods, only one very upset cry that only lasted about 45 minutes, and lots and lots of happy smiles.

She laughed for the first time (indisputably). I smiled at her and tickled her cheeks in the car and she cackled. Her smiles have been huge and excited all week, and she seems to actually be having FUN. We play with crinkly toys and I make her legs dance when she is lying down. she smiles and shakes her head around and now, add laughing to the mix.

All my exhaustion and anxiety from the last month melted away this week. I’m sure it will come back again many times as we go through future unpleasant stages of development, but right now, this week, being a mom is purely awesome.

Thanks, Avery May, for being so incredibly amazing and making my heart a billion times bigger.

Edit, the next morning: to add compliment to recovery she slept 11 1/2 hours last night with only two wake ups, and woke up all smiles.

4 thoughts on “Good week

    • You can make it! I believe in you 😉. And it will be over eventually. And then there will be a new development to make them fussy like a sleep regression or teething! Haha gotta appreciate each good day at a time


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