Osteopathy for babies?

Avery is a perfectly healthy baby with no physical problems besides sensitive skin and a history of colic. She has 10 perfect little fingers and 10 perfect little toes, bright eyes and a happy smile, and she is growing like a weed. But there is something in the back of my mind making me worry, and making me consider getting some kind of alternative physical therapy done on her.

She has always been a great breastfeeder. She latched from her first moment of life outside the womb, and has always had productive feeds. However, in the past 6 weeks or so I’ve noticed that she seems to prefer side lying nursing to the typical cradle hold. In fact she hates it when anyone tries to hold her in cradle hold. When I hold her up to nurse she either cries and squirms away (even though I know she’s hungry), or she has very short feeds (we’re talking 4 or 5 minutes short). When she is lying on the bed to nurse she can go for an hour without moving during evening cluster feeds.

Also, since birth we have noticed cracking and grinding in her shoulders, sometimes loud enough to hear, sometimes we just feel it. I asked her doctor about it at the 2 month appointment and the doctor said that since she couldn’t replicate it, and since shoulder displasia wasn’t a thing, there was nothing to worry about.

So I’m not TOO worried, but I want peace of mind that she is as comfortable as possible as she grows. Many, many friends have told me about chiropractic work or osteopathy for babies, as up front as “have you booked her for her chiropractic assessment yet?” Just days after her birth. I know nothing about either practice besides what I’ve googled as I try to figure out if this is something I want to pursue, but I am a little cautious about someone twisting and turning my baby’s mushy little body.

Currently I am between going on a 2 month long wait list for a well rated local osteopath, or going in much sooner for craniosacral therapy. I’m still not sure if this is something we will pursue at all, but if anyone has any experience with either of these therapies on their babies, I’d love to hear.

6 thoughts on “Osteopathy for babies?

  1. I don’t have any advice about the therapies, but J’s shoulders did a lot of cracking and popping when she was young; I remember asking the midwife about it at our final visit, and she said it was very common and not to worry – something to do with the muscles around the joints being lax. Not saying that that is necessarily the case for you, but it gave me some piece of mind (I was worried about dislocating her shoulders!), and she grew out of it by maybe around four months.

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  2. Our little girl MUCH prefers side lying nursing (and so do I) so that is what we do most of the time. I haven’t really thought about why she prefers it, but my guess is something about less distraction and having more autonomy over her position. Her shoulders also pop and crack a LOT. It scared us too, but it clearly causes her no discomfort, so, again, I didn’t think much about it. Not much help for you, but we have the same things going on!

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  3. Austin was tongue tied AND lip tied. We had the same issue. He HATED sitting up, but according to my LC it MIGHT be because it hysically hurts him to nurse, even though the latch is right. Almost like wearing rollerblades that are too small. You can still skate just fine (when people look at you) but on the inside, your feet are on fire and it’s really painful, but you can technically still do it. Make sense? Could be that side nursing doesnt hurt per se. Could be something to look into…developing and changing bodies and all of that…that’s all i got! LOL!


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