Avery’s 3rd month

Weight: 14 lb

Length: 25″


Snow fall

She slept through it and none of the snow stayed on the ground, but it was really special to me. I’m starting a tradition where I write the date of the first snow fall of each year of her childhood on the bottom of a cookie jar. Oct 27, 2016.


Her Mo made her her first Halloween costume, sort of. We used an existing brown bunting that makes her look like a bear, and Mo made a tattered looking head scarf to go with it, making her an ewok. She didn’t enjoy one second of being dressed up and eventually, after a series of adorable photos of her crying, I rescued her from the torture and she spent Halloween evening snuggling on her moms while we took turns handing out candy.

She can now…

She has started rolling over from her back to her front while in our bed for cuddle time. She seems to love sleeping on her side in fetal position (when she’s not sleeping spread eagle), but rolling onto her front is more of an uncomfortable experience because she can’t quite get her arm out from under her.

She’s getting handsy… This month she really discovered her hands and what they can do. She loves chewing on her fingers, grabbing my hair, deep tissue massaging my chest while she eats, and she has started holding and maneuvering toys. Her toys so far are Sofie and the little plush things hanging from her vibrating chair.

She can now laugh! It’s a cough-like cackle of a laugh, but it’s definitely a laugh. She laughs in response to being tickled on the cheek, to our high pitched baby talk, and sometimes to the simple experience of seeing my face looking over her when she wakes up in the morning.

She got a “lovie”. A friend gifted her with a little organic cotton and wool bunny lovie and after I wore it under my shirt for a day she has been incredibly attached to it.

Sleep: AMAZING. I don’t know if it’s because we started using a sleep sack, or thanks to the comfort of her lovie, or just general development, but she now has some 6 hour stretches. For a just 3 month old exclusively breastfed baby I am counting my lucky stars. She has always been a pro-star sleeper, but a great night to me was a 4 hour stretch, then 3 hours, then 2 hours. That was our norm for the past month. Suddenly she made a leap in sleep duration. Please please please, 4 month sleep regression, go easy on us when you come.


  • Diaper changing time. She’s all smiles while she talks to me about all the fun she is having in life so far.
  • Sleeping in our bed. We only do this at bedtime for easy and relaxing nursing, and in the morning for family cuddle time, but she looks sooo comfy.
  • Watching me from her vibrating chair as I prepare breakfast and wash dishes.
  • The love affair with the ceiling fan continues.
  • Her bunny (lovie)
  • Short car rides
  • Baths. We have started having daily oatmeal baths for her eczema and she loves the floating around. She kicks off the sides of the tub with her feet and scoots through the water (supported by my hands of course). She’s even ok with getting out of the bath and getting moisturized now.


  • Missing nap time…
  • Pooping after a long night of holding it. She can now poop without even thinking about it through the day, but that first morning poop requires straining still and frustrates her a lot.

And with this, she exits newbornhood. I want to always remember how her little tiny fingers feel wrapped around my finger. How her breath smells sweet and milky, like soy milk that has been soaking Honey Nut Cheerios, while she sleeps so innocently with her mouth wide open. I want to remember how she fit so well in between Mo and Mommy in bed for cuddle time and how we spent so much time gazing down at her peaceful, sleeping little body and each held one of her little hands. I want to remember those first smiles and early cough-like laughs, all over something as small as seeing my face, or having her cheek tickled. She grew so much over the past 3 months – her whole body used to fit along my forearm as I nursed her, and now her feet touch the couch when I hold her in my arms.

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