Stormy week and TEETHING??

She may have started teething… She is still in really great spirits, but the drool has intensified and she is chewing – hard – on everything. She seems to really like the cold teething toys. She also pulls on her ears when she is fussy, so I am wondering if it’s all connected. Guess we won’t know until we see a tooth, which could be a couple of months away still.

The eczema is still a problem. I can’t wait until my update reads “eczema cured!!”… I had switched from the Cetaphil to a hypoallergenic Live Clean oatmeal blend because the Cetaphil seemed too watery and wasn’t actually softening her skin. Turns out the Live Clean cream, while definitely making her legs softer, was stinging on her back and chest. It took me too many days to figure out why she cried so much during moisturizing, and why she flared up after baths. So now we are back to using coconut oil, and I have ordered 100% Shea butter to blend it with. That mix has been recommended by a couple of moms with eczema babies, and it’s so pure I can’t see how it could possibly irritate her more. I hope. The only problem with using coconut oil is that our kitten is obsessed with it and tries to lick it off of her. Cows Milk Protein Allergy diet is still being strictly followed and it’s getting easier. 

The weather this week was terrible for travelling. My mom came for her every-other-wednesday visit and got storm-stayed. She had to spend two nights on our couch before the roads opened again, and my wife had to spend her first night away from the baby when she couldn’t get home from work and had to stay in the city over night. Aside from missing my wife, it was actually quite nice to have my mom around for two days. Avery really loves her grandma, and can be just as easily calmed in her arms as in mine. We drank wine and ate cozy slow-cooked meals and I felt less alone, which was really, really needed after being trapped in the house with my car not starting and my wife only being home for one day in a fortnight during waking hours. 

My SIL and Avery’s 9 month old cousin are supposed to be visiting tomorrow, but the forecast still doesn’t look good for travelling, so we’ll see. I think my dad made the right choice to buy a last minute plane ticket instead of trying to drive from two (Northern) provinces away to be here for Christmas. This time last year I was watching the grey skies for signs of snowflakes, and photographing spring bulbs breaking the soil in the garden. I was saddened by global warming and the loss of a white Christmas. This year I’m not complaining about the weather! I just hope we don’t end up storm stayed anywhere over the holidays. 

3 thoughts on “Stormy week and TEETHING??

  1. Sounds like teething for sure. Darwin teethed for about 3 weeks like that before her first two came in, and Linnea just cut #1 after a month of heavy drool. Not so much fun, but not the end of the world either!
    One thing a friend with a skin sensitive kid suggested: always spot test new stuff. You never know what they’re going to react to 😦

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  2. It seems so early to start teeth cutting, but I guess if it can take a few weeks, or a month, maybe not? I really need to learn more about the next stages of development, but there is surprisingly little time to read while wrangling a newborn.

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