The Best of our 2016

This was a year for the records of awesome for us.

  • Our first ultrasound and hearing our baby’s heartbeat
  • Our 12 week ultrasound and feeling the baby’s movement for the first time
  • Our nephew was born 
  • Our anatomy ultrasound and finding out that we were having a healthy daughter
  • Our donor family got pregnant with their 2nd child, making our chosen-friend-family another person bigger
  • We both turned 30 and felt so thankful for where our lives were at at 30
  • All the best Baby’s First holidays – Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas.
  • My wife got a new job that will give us back 50 24-hour days a year of family time that the old job took in unpaid overtime and commute.

    2016 will be a year to beat!

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