Sleep & Solids

I’m hopping aboard the sleep struggles train that seems to be going through blogville these days. 

Avery is going through the 4 month sleep regression and for 2 weeks now she has been waking up every 45 min to 2 hours. My wife offers to take a shift, but if she tries to rock her to sleep during her wake-ups she usually gets more upset and more awake with every passing second; versus, if I give her the boob she’s out like a light. 

I watch her on the monitor to make sure she isn’t going to get herself back to sleep before I get up (this happens a couple of times a night, usually she just needs to get herself rolled over and she’s fine), and if the whining intensifies I trudge down the hall to her cozy room and try to get as much enjoyment out of our middle of the night nurses as I can. She falls asleep within a minute of nursing, but the problem is, I usually do to. Even in the uncomfortable wooden arms of the IKEA chair. And then 45 minutes has passed by the time I get back to bed and it’s not long before the next wake-up. 

This too shall pass. This morning at 6 I brought Avery in our bed and she slept in until 9. I feel so refreshed thanks to that. But ask me again at 11:45pm tonight when I’ve already woken up twice …

The other thing that has been on my mind is starting Avery on solid food. I’d like to wait until she’s 6 months because I feel like she’s already so easily distracted during nursing and even though she has plenty of wet diapers she seems so thin to me… So I don’t want to worry about solid foods competing with my milk for her interest. 

HOWEVER, she is really interested in what I eat right now. She grabs for it and watches it disappear in my mouth with awe. I’ve been teaching her baby sign language and I sign “eat” when I’m eating something, with the hopes that she’ll be able to ask for solid food eventually, and keep it differentiated from the sign for “milk”. 

So I think at this point we’re just waiting for her to be 100% stable sitting up on her own and for the tongue protrusion reflex to go away and then we’ll start. We’re going to start with purées because she is high risk for food allergies, but we also like the idea of baby-led weaning/feeding so she can work on her fine motor skills. We’ll probably do a blend of both approaches. 

I had a dream that I was feeding her little bits of cucumber and sweet potato as her first taste of food and my wife wasn’t there. I woke up feeling extremely guilty… Solid foods are going to be my wife’s domain since the breastfeeding was mine. 

So many exciting new stages around the corner… Sleeping through the night, eating solid food… Looking forward to it.

5 thoughts on “Sleep & Solids

  1. Baby MPB had absolutely no interest in food so at 6 months our doctor said to start anyways so we just started offering him solids but he really still had no interest for a few weeks after that. Really, we just let him lead the way, and now he loves pretty much all food except chicken. In fact, now he will take food from others if they are eating and he is not. We did a combo of purees and baby lead weaning and again just let him tell us what he wants by providing multiple options and letting him choose between the healthy options we present.
    Anyways, I hope you don’t face any food allergies. And I hope foods become fun for your family, initially they weren’t for us, but now they are and it’s nice to see Baby MPB exploring and enjoying food.

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  2. Solids are so much fun. Have you been following the research that came out (maybe two years ago now?) about introducing foods that are common allergens earlier (as in, before a year, and regularly) reducing food allergies?? SO COOL! One of the most well-designed studies I’ve seen done on food allergies.

    I hope the sleep returns ❤ There's nothing like the zombie sleeplessness…

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    • Yes we’re definitely following the research and trying to be careful because she seems to have a dairy & soy protein allergy right now, and I’ve read that babies with eczema as a symptom of a food allergy are more likely to be allergic to peanuts! We want to do everything and anything we can to avoid that…

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  3. I remember our lactation consultant telling me that them showing interest in food at Avery’s age is part of them readying themselves for actually being ready for solids when it’s time. Basically that this opportunity for them to study our food and eating is part of the developmental process. It was an interesting perspective that I hadn’t considered previously. Also, I fall asleep nursing Charlotte at night all the time. My wife used to yell at me because she was convinced I was going to drop the baby or something, but HELLO–you’re dead tired sitting in a dark room in a comfortable chair with a snuggly baby. We’re only human!

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