Adoption Approved!

We got the call on Monday to say it had been approved, and we were able to pick up the completed adoption certification package on Tuesday. 

Now for the rest of the paperwork (substituted birth registration, new birth certificate) and PARTY! 

8 thoughts on “Adoption Approved!

  1. Congratulations!!! While it likely makes no difference in your day to day life, it is such a wonderful thing to know that you are a legal family of three with all the rights and responsibilities being shared between both parents! I am so thrilled for you all! ❤

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    • The evite has gone out (with an overwhelming response so far), banner has arrived, onesie that says “officially an [wife’s last name] has arrived, photos are printed and ready for pick up at Costco, and I have to get some twine and little clothes pins from the craft store to hang them from. Then just some basic dollar store balloons and stuff and we’re set for decorations. Party is on Feb 26th. So excited! My wife is gonna love it.

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