Nursery Tour

Before the baby came I posted sneak peaks of our nursery on Instagram with the hashtag #nurseryrevealcomingsoon. It turned out that the only thing that came soon was the baby. I never did post a full tour of the nursery. Now that it’s lived-in and tweaked for maximum efficiency, I think its a good time to share.

First, I need to give full credit to my wife – she and she alone is behind the design of this room. She did everything from repairing the plaster walls to staging the bookshelves.

This is the before of the room. Office/guest room/junk room. The room itself is only about 9×12 feet with an extremely sloped ceiling (the east wall is only 19″ high). It took some creativity to maximize the space we had to work with.

It took some serious repairs.

Finally, it was painted and some molding was added to break up the long sloped ceiling and define where the ceiling starts functionally acting as a wall. The room also got a swanky chandelier that we had in storage, and we put it on a dimmer switch for some extra swank.

Next up – furniture. The crib, bookshelves, and blanket/toy box (not pictured here) were purchased from IKEA to match our existing IKEA chair.

The prints above the crib came from Cuddle and Kind – free when we purchased two dolls as Christmas presents. We got the frames at Michaels craft store. Benedict Bunny, in the corner there, is the Cuddle and Kind doll we gave to Avery.

My wife made the mobile with felt and embroidery thread, inspired by some of the handmade mobiles we saw on pinterest. The mobile arm was cheap from amazon.

The dresser was from my wife’s childhood bedroom (we painted the knobs fun colors), and the side table (which we painted teal) was also something we had in storage.

This night light / noise machine owl was a baby shower gift. We use two nightlights in the room – this one by the crib, and one at the other end of room so I can see where I change and feed her in the middle of the night.

The bookshelves are filled with books that friends and family gifted to Avery. I LOVE reading kids books, and one day I’ll do a post on some of our favourites.

So this is the nursery! It will change as our needs change, but this is it now. It’s lived in and functional for our 5 month old and it’ll do until we turn the crib into a toddler bed! Can’t even fathom that day arriving….

10 thoughts on “Nursery Tour

    • Thanks! I had originally wanted this metal sculpted piece of art for above her crib, but it was $400. 😁 And now I’m so happy that my wife opted to make the mobile!


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