Foggy day outside and inside

Spring is on its way. These foggy, warm, drizzly days of early March usually energize me. I love dark and dreary weather, and I love seeing the earth thaw and come to life. But today I’m feeling like I just have to get through.

I’m in pain from a little fall down the stairs on the weekend, and my mouth is all swollen and blistered from an allergic reaction, meaning I’m on a liquid diet and have no energy. Avery and I both have mild colds. I’m a week behind in work. We had the house cleaned on the weekend but there are already multiple piles of cat barf on the floor again that I haven’t gotten around to picking up. I’m wearing pajama pants because the only two pants that fit me are in the washing machine, and the dryer is full of clothes that need to be put away. The counter is full of dirty dishes. My mom is coming for a visit today which is nice for socializing but means I won’t get caught up on anything today, and tonight I have plans to go out for $5 burgers with a work friend of my wife. 

When I write everything out it seems like nothing out of the ordinary – its just another day in the life. But today I feel particularly bummed out about everything. Hopefully knocking just a few things off my list will help me feel better. Now if this baby would just go to sleep so I could be free for a moment to get up and do things before company arrives…

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