It’s Eggs! Avery’s struggle with food sensitivities

Sleep has been miserable. Nonexistent, really. Avery has been rashy and fussy. I went off of the Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy diet after 6 weeks to test out her tolerance and she definitely reacted less severely, but the eczema never did go away completely. She seems to be able to tolerate small amounts (maybe she can handle it if I eat processed bread made with soybean oil, but not if I eat a pancake slathered in a cup of whipped cream). 

But since starting her on solid food, the allergen-to-gut journey is a lot more direct than through breastmilk alone. Yesterday we gave her some peas from a potato salad that had mayonnaise and boiled eggs in it. Within minutes her chin and cheeks had broken out in hives. A couple of hours later she was screaming in pain. 

Unfortunately the potato salad wasn’t the only thing we let her eat at that meal, so we didn’t know if it was the common allergen – egg – or something else, like maybe the onion in the Indian Dal a friend made for her. So this morning we had to test it out. We gave her the tiniest bite of a piece of fried egg (fried in olive oil) and almost immediately her chin broke out in hives and she held her mouth agape and whined. Then came the whincing and crying in discomfort as the food moved down into her gut. 

I’m so sorry tiny baby, for giving you something that made you feel pain 🙁. I hope now that we can set to work finally healing your digestive system from all of these nasty allergens. We are buying a beef bone to make bone broth for her today, and we’re also going to start her on baby probiotics finally. 

Maybe sleep will improve now, too… 

8 thoughts on “It’s Eggs! Avery’s struggle with food sensitivities

  1. Hoorah for figuring it out! And at least eggs are relatively easy to avoid. I had a problem with eggs for a while (a skin issue, hmm) and after cutting them out for a year, I was able to safely reintroduce them. Hopefully the same will be true for Avery. Well, hopefully sooner than that.

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    • Our plan is to take 3 months off of Dairy soy and eggs and then (when she’s almost 10 months old) try reintroducing each one. Her gut should have matured and healed a lot more by then and hopefully it will all go down fine. Fingers crossed. As for me, it’s back on the strict diet!

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    • I would advise that if you happen to have a colicky baby and you are breastfeeding for you to try an elimination diet. I took Avery to a walk-in clinic when she was 6 weeks old because she was crying SO MUCH and the Dr said “babies cry…” So unhelpful. Took me way too long to figure out it was an upset tummy!! That said, however, true food allergies affecting babies through breastmilk is actually pretty rare (most studies say about 1% of babies). So there’s a good chance you won’t have to worry 😊


  2. J had very similar issues with eggs when we first introduced them – we eliminated them for a while, then reintroduced small amounts in baked goods. Her allergist said that often egg-allergic kids can tolerate eggs in this form, and now she is totally fine with eggs (still can’t do dairy, though).
    So glad you were able to figure this out – hope she’ll be felling much better now!

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  3. Gosh, isn’t getting some clarity the best? I know it stinks that she felt awful, but now you know and can avoid it! We’ve been going through a lot of the same stuff over here (our parallel lives continue) and I think coffee is our main culprit, but we had a rough night last night after a tiny bit of eggs and think we might have a problem there too. Yay for your known allergy and incoming probiotics! Avery is on the upswing!

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    • Oh no, not coffee!!?? That is a really unfortunate one. It would be so nice if babies were born with a more developed gut. It seems to be the most delicate part of a baby!


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