Avery’s 7th Month

Avery is a happy baby. She deals with everything from being overtired to getting bumps and bruises with so much more patience now. She’s also a super active baby. She gets in her bouncer or jolly jumper and bounces like it’s goin’ out of style, laughing the whole time. 
THIS is what I had hoped having a baby would be like. She’s my little buddy, my best friend, my adorable accessory, my reason and reminder for having fun in life.

New this month

  • Started baby music class – oh my god she LOVES it. She starts giggling as soon as we sit down in the circle of other babies and laughs and kicks her way through all the songs. 
  • She’s sitting up so solidly that I can leave her sitting on the floor if I need both hands for something. Good timing, because she has outgrown her swing and chair. She actually climbed out of her chair and I found her on the floor. Good thing it was only a couple of inches off the ground. 
    • She eats solids like it’s going out of style. We spoon feed her only the runniest of foods (like prunes or soup), and for the most part have given in to the ways of baby-led weaning. She grabs for whatever we’re eating, and we usually give her at least a taste, unless it’s really unhealthy… She even had French fries (well, a fry and a half) at the pub. 
    • Separation anxiety has kicked into full gear this month. Her stranger-danger has gotten worse, and now I can’t even go to the bathroom without her crying (unless her Mo is with her) 
    • She’s working on her leg strength and is getting pretty good at supporting her own weight. Still no sign of crawling or even rolling over from front to back. She’s learning things in her own time. 


      • Food. Her favourites this month have been Oxtail soup, liver pΓ’te, and lentil dal. 
      • Music class. She’s got the rhythm in her. 
      • Bath time. She doesn’t want to get out of the tub now that she has toy boats to play with. 
      • The cats. Still obsessed with the cats. Gets pretty upset if one walks by and she doesn’t get to pet it. 


      • Separation from her moms. Even just for a second if I want to go to the bathroom. Hurry up and learn object permanence, kid. I will come back, I swear. 
      • Being held by anyone else. Right now my mom is the only person besides my wife and I who can hold Avery without her crying, and that’s because she visits frequently enough and we work on positive voices and body language for the whole visit before she tries to hold Avery. 
      • Not getting what she wants. Er, we may have a bit of a spoiled baby on our hands already. I’m pretty sure it’s just a phase. Can’t pet the cats? Cries. Can’t have our cell phones in her mouth? Cries. Can’t touch the hot coffee? Cries. At least she’s still easily distractable! 

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