Our First Mothers’ Day

This child is my pure joy, my light, my sustenance. I am so thankful to be her mother. I am so thankful that my wife and I get to share the experience of being her mother. This little girl is going to continue to shape our lives in amazing and unexpected ways, and that makes us so, so lucky. 

This is our first Mothers’ Day. We didn’t plan anything in particular, besides making sure we were doing nothing in particular. Sometimes the best moments evolve when you’re doing nothing at all. We just wanted to spend time together as a family. 

Today, unfortunately, my wife is going in to work. But we made the most of yesterday. We had a pancake breakfast, and then worked in the yard pretty much all day. Avery’s Mothers’ Day gift to us was her patience and willingness to sit around in her pack’n’play for hours while I worked in the garden and my wife worked on the chicken coop. She watched us intently and even helped me pull some weeds. Her other gift to us was mastering the 3-2 nap transition! We are now comfortably into a new routine (nap from 9:30-11 and 2:30-4) that gives us more time to play together. 

Thank you Avery, for being our daughter  ❤️

9 thoughts on “Our First Mothers’ Day

  1. Congratulations, mama! Aren’t you so happy to have that title? I can’t wait to be someone’s mother! Happy Mother’s day, I’m sure you’re an amazing one and sweet Avery (what a perfect name) is such a lucky girl for having two dedicated and loving moms. She’s the sweetest thing. So cute. Be proud!!

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    • Yeah I hope so too… I’ve had some kids in my garden who are really destructive and I’ve been hoping since before Avery was even born that she would be gentle with the plants. Time will tell, but at least she’s getting early lessons!


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