So negative lately 

I’ve always been an eternal optimist. To an obnoxious extent. It took a lot of formal and informal education for me to learn that active listening and empathy required not always looking for the positive in people’s experiences. Sometimes people just need to experience a negative emotion. Sometimes negative feelings can’t, or even shouldn’t, be avoided. 

Although I understand now that some negative emotions need to be expressed, I don’t want to get into a negativity rut. I don’t want to be a negative person, especially around my daughter. My wife caught me off guard this morning when she called me out on my new negative mind set. She said I’ve been so negative about everything for quite a while now. 

It could very well be caused by exhaustion.

It could be caused by the stress of having too much on my plate. 

It could be caused by hormones. 

Or I could be growing into the pessimist personality trait that seems to get passed down on the maternal side of my family once the women reach a certain age. 

What I know is that I have to correct this frame of mind before it changes me. I’m going to start by listing 3 good things that happen every day. I won’t write them all here, but I’ll include today’s in this post. 

1. I got a huge amount of things done today and felt really good about myself. 

2. Avery laughed so much today. 

3. An awkward altercation with a past research advisor resolved itself today. 

2 thoughts on “So negative lately 

  1. I feel the same way. I actually started my blog as a way deal with all the not so happy thoughts – mostly around motherhood. It’s kind of working.

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    • Glad that’s sort of working for you. I think writing can be so cathartic. The weird thing for me is that I didn’t even realize I was having these negative thoughts. They kind of snuck in, and my wife caught my expressing them. It seems that all the regular daily tasks and activities just kind of piss me off when I’m over tired…

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