Food Blog Friday: baby-led weaning edition 

I missed last month. I’ve been cooking dinner almost every night of the week, but it has been boring stuff and I haven’t bothered to get the camera out during dinners. But this month, Food Blog Friday is back with a Baby-Led Weaning special edition! 

I’m including two recipes here that I made for Avery recently. They’re a little more “recipe” than our usual basic steamed brocolli or mini meatballs, but they’re still ridiculously simple. 

Recipe 1: Brown Rice Balls

Served here with liver pâté balls (from previous post)


  • Rice (I used brown basmati, but use whatever you’re comfortable cooking with) 
  • Drizzle of rice vinegar
  • Drizzle of maple syrup*
  • Tumeric (optional) 
  • Sesame seeds (optional) 


  • Cook your rice, covered, until it is slightly overdone. I find my rice is at its stickiest when the bottom layer starts to crust to the pan. 
  • Stir in just a dab of maple syrup (maybe a tsp per 2 cups cooked rice) 
  • Stir in a drizzle of rice vinegar (roughly 2 tsp per 2 cups cooked rice) 
  • Roll into balls just big enough for baby to eat it in 2 bites 
  • Optional: toast sesame seeds and mix up with a dash of Tumeric. Roll balls in this mixture. 
  • Refrigerate or serve warm. If refrigerating, wrap up tightly in cling film and put in an air tight container so they don’t dry out. You can also drizzle a sauce of your liking on them to rehydrate. We had some homemade beef gravy leftovers that we used for one meal of rice balls and that went over well. 
  • *Note: the maple syrup is something I saw on another recipe online and I assume it is needed to help hold your rice together. I didn’t try without, but true sticky rice shouldn’t need that, I wouldn’t think. If you try this without a sugar added let me know if it turns out. 

Recipe 2: 4 ingredient banana oat pancakes

I got this recipe here.


  • 2 bananas
  • 1 cup rolled oats 
  • 2/3 cup milk (or milk substitute – I used goat milk) 
  • 1 heaping tablespoon chia seeds (these act as a great egg-like binder and have more oméga fatty acids than you’ll ever need in a day) 
  • Coconut oil (or your oil of choice) for frying them up in the pan


  • Throw the first 4 ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. 
  • Pour batter into preheated and oiled pan in a size your baby or toddler can handle. 
  • Cook like regular pancakes. Flip when  browned on one side, remove when   browned on other side. 

So. Easy. These actually taste good to me, too. Avery only likes them cold, and she only likes them as a snack when she is playing. She’s not a fan in general of grains that are formed into a sheet (like bread or pancakes). It’s a texture thing I think. But she is willing to eat these, I think because they taste like banana. 

Oh and a bonus recipe – the jam in the picture with the pancakes. 

Recipe 3: “Jam” 


  • Lightly steam frozen mango and frozen cherries (or whatever yummy frozen fruit mixes you have). About half a cup. 
  • Put in a container with 2 tablespoons of chia seeds. 
  • Pour in some of the steaming water from the bottom of your steamer. About 1/4 cup of liquid. 
  • Give the container a shake and let sit for an hour or so. Shake it again and let sit again. In a couple of hours the chai seeds will become like gelatin and the fruit/berries are like jam. This stuff is tasty on its own, or spread on these pancakes! 

7 thoughts on “Food Blog Friday: baby-led weaning edition 

  1. Do you grind your chia seeds? I’ve never had them, but my mom was looking for them in the store and was frustrated that they were not already ground. Just curious! This all looks yummy though!

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