Quick update on life: 4 things 

  1. We have daycare!! Starting in September Avery will be going to a warm and sensitive caregiver with only one other 12 month old little girl, from 9-1, 3 days a week. We will slowly increase that to 9-2:30 4 days a week. It is the perfect situation for us. 
  2. Avery is getting into EVERYTHING. Crawling is awesome – I particularly love it how she can follow me around the house without needing to be carried – but the baby proofing has to catch up with her. Just this morning alone she cut her finger sticking it in the floor heating vent, she pulled an unattached wall heating vent over onto herself, she got her finger stuck in the cat door, and she pulled a book off the shelf onto her head. She’s also pulling herself up onto her knees, so it won’t be long before she’s reaching things even higher up. 
  3. The chicken coop is done (just need to build the run this weekend) and it looks like we will be getting the chicks in about 2 weeks.  
  4. We are booked up for almost every weekend this summer already. Too many family and friends, maybe? Oh well, at least Avery should be able to have lots of new experiences this summer (like camping, twice!) 

5 thoughts on “Quick update on life: 4 things 

  1. Hooray on finding a day care! I hope she enjoys her time there. I feel your mixed emotions with baby mobility! C learned to crawl the end of last week, and she’s into EVERYTHING!! We’re in the process of baby proofing, we need to move faster lol. Good luck with your chicks, I hope you’ll share pics!!

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  2. I just caught up on your blog and had so much to say about choosing the right daycare for your family. But, I guess now all I will say is congrats on finding on that you and your wife agree on!! Ultimately, I think that’s critical because it means that you both like it. 🙂 From my experience she’ll probably do better with the transition then you will! But regardless I hope it goes well for all of you! 🙂

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  3. Yay daycare! Boo childproofing. Yay chickens! omg chickens. I demand chicken pics when they arrive.
    Also I’ll be watching your space closely for baby proofing stuff because we’re very close to that point. Aaaaaah

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  4. So glad you found a daycare! That’s awesome.

    I remember baby-proofing right around this time last year. It’s quite the feat. There are a few things I’d like to un-baby-proof now, but alas, if I do that I’ll end up baby-proofing again at this time next year!

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