Avery’s 10th Month

This has been a challenging month. It’s been fun and full of new experiences for all of us (new milestones reached in mobility and communication), but it’s also been an incredibly whiney month… Avery definitely knows now that she can wield some control over getting what she wants (or getting out of what she doesn’t want). 

New this month

Language – OMG the language this month… 

  • Official first word! She calls me mama. Once even mama-ey (we’re aiming for mommy). She has also made attempts at Mo (what we’re calling my wife), but it comes out as Ma with a short a. It is clearly intentional though, and not just random sounds anymore. 
  • She also makes a Mah sound when I ask if she wants more food. I think she’s trying to say more. 
  • She nods her head yes in response to questions like “do you want to eat?” or “do you want up?” 
  • She still uses the sign for milk, but despite us using the signs for eat and water, she has made up her own that she uses for both of those – she smacks her lips together like she’s kissing. She also seems to be trying to sign “more”, but it’s more of a hand flapping motion. It’s a slightly different hand flapping motion than “all done”. 
  • I want to make an extra note about her language comprehension this month. She really seems to understand a lot of what we are saying all of a sudden. She even handed my wife a pair of socks when asked “Avery, may I have those socks?” I guess I’m going to have to stop talking bad about people behind their backs sooner than I thought… 

Gross motor

  • She crawls anywhere she wants to go, and fast. I blink and she’s in the next room, pulling everything out of the kitchen cupboards. 
  • She has started pulling herself up on furniture and on the baby gates, but she just gets up on her knees for now. 
  • She can hold herself in standing position with balance help from us for what seems like an unlimited amount of time. Won’t be long before she combines the pulling up with her leg strength and starts running laps around us. 


  • Spent most of the month with a passion for destroying things (towers of blocks, puzzles, etc.) and this past week she has started showing an interest in putting things together. I believe this is consistent with the Wonder Weeks Leap 7, right on schedule. 


      • Books. Still really into touch and feel books, and will sometimes bring me a book and cuddle up on my lap of her own accord so I’ll read to her. 
      • Favourite foods this month: Pickles (doesn’t even make a sour face), canned peaches, and as always, beef. 
      • Balls. She has a couple of different balls in her toy basket, and when she gets a hold of them, she refuses to let go. I once let her hold one while I changed her diaper and she held onto it without a single fumble as I changed her, took her out to the car, drove to home depot, shopped with her buckled into the cart, buckled her back in the car seat, took her in the house, and unloaded the car. It’s also adorable when she has a ball in each hand and you present her with a third ball… She tries valiantly to hold all three at once using her arms, her chin, whatever she has to do to not let go of a ball. 


        There are many things that Avery dislikes right now. She is a very opinionated tiny baby. What sets her dislikes apart this month from previous months is how she shares with the world that she’s displeased. She used to cry. Now she whines and screams. A blood curdling, angry scream. If she was someone else’s kid I’d have no patience for that kind of temperament, but she is my kid, and I somehow love her for it. Not only in spite of it, but for it. She has such a strong sense of what she likes and doesn’t like, and she isn’t always the easiest to please. She demands a lot from the world. Good for her. 

        My dad recently told me about a second cousin twice removed who has this happy go lucky baby, always smiling, never gets upset… “what a lovely baby to be around. He’s so easy.” And there’s my baby having a terrible-twos-esque tantrum on the floor because she didn’t like the way someone looked at her. So yeah, my baby has a lot of dislikes right now. They have little to do with the subject of her dislike and a lot to do with her developing high expectations of the world. 

        3 thoughts on “Avery’s 10th Month

        1. She’s getting so big!!! Be thankful she’s only pulling to her knees so far…Yesterday I was doing dishes, and C was trying to pull herself to the top of the small cat tree in the kitchen/living room doorway!! I’m not ready for the challenges she’s already throwing at me lol!!! How fun that Avery is communicating so well! I love that she loves books…C really doesn’t care when I read to her, and just tries to tear the pages out. Hopefully that will change at some point.

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