6 Baby-Led Weaning Meal Ideas for CAMPING! 

We went on our first camping trip with Avery. She turned 10 months old while we were there, and between her crawling everywhere, separation anxiety that has been making bedtime super challenging again, and her dietary needs now that she’s no longer exclusively breastfed, we had our work cut out for us. It was only a 2 night stay, which was ideal to get our feet wet. 

In this post I’m going to share what we brought for meals. Most of these are links to the original recipe that I snagged off of Pinterest. I also sucked at documenting our food in photos because I needed both hands and all of my attention to get through meal times in the great outdoors. 

We wanted to bring things that were tasty, easy to pack/transport, and easy to cook/re-heat, of course, but we also wanted at least MOST of our meals to be Avery-friendly so we didn’t have to come up with double the meal ideas. I love cooking, but I hate having to come up with what to cook. We planned ahead for this trip, and it made life easier while balancing cooking over the camp stove with watching an increasingly mobile baby. 

1. Friday dinner

Hobo burgers

Avery loves burgers. In fact, ground beef is probably her favourite food in the world. The only problem with grilling burgers like we traditionally would for ourselves is that they get a hard crust on them (a delicious, hard crust). We find that she struggles to chew the crusty deliciousness, and so we either give her the insides of a burger, or we steam them. The hobo burger is essentially steamed in its own juices, and it includes potatoes and whatever else you want to eat in the same steamy pocket of beef juicey goodness. I made the tinfoil packets in advance and threw them on the grill at the campsite. This was a perfect meal for baby-led weaners. The only issue with these is that they take at least half an hour to cook. 

2. Saturday breakfast 

Breakfast sandwiches and cheerios for the baby

For this meal we decided not to eat baby-friendly food, because we love a good breakfast sandwich on the weekends and didn’t see why camping should stop us from having that. I pre-cooked bacon, and we cooked eggs on our camp stove and stacked them on some bagels. 

The baby-led-weaning-friendly meal idea for this breakfast was cheerios (soaked for just a minute in almond milk). This meal was super easy to pack and super easy for Avery to eat. I remember one of my favourite meals when camping as a kid was mini boxes of cereal. You’d cut the box open, pour in your milk, and eat on the go. Ahh, nostalgia. 

3. Saturday lunch

Chicken quinoa burrito bowls

I pre-made this beauty of a hearty salad and it was delicious, filling, and baby-friendly. I made pulled chicken (instead of the chunks in the original picture here) and brought guacamole as a garnish to add at the time of eating. This was ideal for camping because it didn’t even require heating, but this also made it kind of lame for camping because it wasn’t a special camping meal. Either way, Avery loved it and we’ve been eating the leftovers all week for lunches. 

4. Saturday night dinner

Make-Ahead Lentil Chili and Campfire Skillet Cornbread 

I actually took a picture of this meal. The chili was warm and cozy on a chili evening and only required heating up on the camp stove, and the corn bread was the perfect side and actually enabled me to do a tiny bit of cooking, instead of just reheating. I packed the dry ingredients, mixed, in an oversized Tupperware, and the wet in a smaller container. I used the bigger Tupperware as a mixing bowl to blend the dry with the wet at the campsite, and just poured it into the skillet. 

5. Sunday breakfast 

Skillet Oatmeal with Fruit

You don’t really need a recipe for this, but here’s the pin that inspired me. We made quick oats in our cast iron skillet and added packaged fruit cocktail as a topper. And the adults got copious amounts of maple syrup. 

6. Snacks

Even at 10 months, Avery is already accustomed to two snacks a day in between her 3 square meals. For snacks, I brought a bunch of bananas, baby puffs, and a little resealable baggy of pre-diced fruit. We also relied heavily on her Klean Kanteen to keep her hydrated because she was often too distracted to nurse. 

We ended up having an amazing time camping with our 10 month old. If you’re contemplating going camping with a baby but haven’t gotten up the nerve, JUST DO IT. It’s really not that hard (I was expecting much worse) and you make memories that last a lifetime (maybe not for the baby, yet, but for you!). I’ll probably write more about our experience, but if you want to know more, I’m happy to answer questions in the comments! 

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