Prepping for baby’s first flight, first birthday, and first daycare! 

August is a busy month around here. Not only do I have a full garden to harvest and preserve and a half finished dissertation proposal due at the end of the month, but we’re also prepping to go on our first family vacation (with baby’s first flight!), we’re planning Avery’s first birthday party, and I’m trying to prepare her for daycare starting in September. 

Let’s start with the vacation. We’re going to Prince Edward Island, which is my favourite province that I’ve visited so far (granted, I haven’t been to British Columbia). We’re going to eat fresh seafood for days, and lounge on the deck of our rental cottage looking out over the ocean. I’m psyched, but also starting to feel the vacation-prep stress… I’m starting to make lists (oh, the lists I am making… there are scrap pieces of paper everywhere!), I’m cleaning out the tablet with the hopes of using it to distract the baby on the plane, and we just bought a small travel stroller. There is so much to do still… Any tips from seasoned family travelers are welcome  ☺️

In particular we need advice on baby containing devices for out and about. We have a fancy backpack carrier for hiking that is comfortable for us but Avery’s not overly fond of, we have the newly purchased umbrella stroller, we have a ring sling, and a Moby wrap (the latter two we use at home regularly, but she’s getting a little too heavy for). What do we bring? Our baby carrying needs are as follows: We plan to do some hiking, beach walks, and maybe even a whale watching tour on a sail boat, but also maybe a local fishery museum, fish market, and the necessary trips to the grocery store for supplies. 

On to the 1st birthday party. Birthdays are a big deal to me. Not adult birthdays, but definitely kid birthdays. I remember almost every birthday cake I got as a kid, decorated elaborately with my favourite things of the moment. One year my parents put a tiny toy horse farm on the cake, with a tiny plastic fence as the border. It was elaborate. So I want Avery to have equally awesome memories of a big celebration of HER on her birthday every year. We’ve decided on a rainbow theme, and as soon as my damn car stops being broken down (AGAIN), I’ll start shopping for decorations and supplies. Her party is the weekend after we return from our vacation, so I want to have everything purchased before we leave (except the food, obviously). 

Daycare. Yes, we have a whole month before she starts at daycare. But with travelling and birthday and everything else we have going on, I want to make sure it doesn’t sneak up on me. To transition, one thing we can be doing is visiting the provider at the park at couple of times a week when she’s there with her current (“graduating”) group of kids. This is something I need my broken down car for, unfortunately. I also want to work on a nap schedule that will fit with our daycare schedule, but travelling might make that difficult. Also, Avery MIGHT be trying to transition herself to one nap a day… slowly, and very much dependent on how she’s feeling on any given day. So perhaps it’s a bad time to try to forcefully reset her nap schedule. 

Also for daycare, I need to decide if I want her to try goats milk in a cup (she has been allergic to milk and eggs since birth, but we have been successfully building a tolerance since 9 months), or if I want to get serious about pumping so she can have milk while she’s there. She still nurses every 2 or 3 hours (24 hours a day), although at 12 months and with 3 full solid food meals a day +snacks she doesn’t NEED that much milk. Pumping is one of my least favourite aspects of motherhood, and usually only yields 2 or 3 oz at a time. My Midwife suggested to me that I may have low breast storage capacity, which is fine if you’re an on-demand nurser and don’t rely on pumping, but gets annoying when you want to fill a bottle or a belly in one quick go every 4 hours. So I have some contemplating to do. 

4 thoughts on “Prepping for baby’s first flight, first birthday, and first daycare! 

  1. I pumped at work from months 3-12, and only ever got 3-4 oz per pump (both breasts combined.) It was enough, but I did have to pump every 3ish hours, and it was exhausting, for sure. I will say that when I stopped pumping at 12 months, he continued nursing when I was around with no issue. Honestly, I stopped nursing at 12 months because he didn’t “need” it, and I found the times when I was around and he nursed, he got wheat he needed.
    We have a Tula that we LOVE for all kinds of baby carrying, and it is still effective at 2 1/2 and 30ish lbs!

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  2. I stopped pumping at around 10 months, not because I hated it, but because she refuses to drink milk from anywhere but the “tap.” My supply was so well established by that point that she continues to nurse well whenever I’m with her (weekends and afternoons/evenings). If you hate pumping, skip it, offer water or goats milk during the day, and she’ll be so happy to nurse when you reconnect.

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    • I like that idea. Avery only JUST started accepting the bottle after most of her first year refusing it, and even now she only gets a bottle maybe once or twice a month when I’m unable to do bedtime. And now she’s almost 12 months and using a cup anyway…


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