Breastfeeding, fashion and mom jeans

I used to love clothes. I like to think I appreciated finer fabrics and timeless style rather than being too fast-fashion-consumerist, but I also did a lot of online shopping in my fashion heyday and I was super cheap about it. I’m feeling my old love of nice clothing slowly coming back after a year and a half of maternity dresses, leggings and nursing camis. I think it’s because fall is on the horizon, and, as much as I love a flowing maxi dress, I love a good sweater and boots more. 

So what does this have to do with breastfeeding? The shirts. I have worn the same pile of camis and tank tops all year so I could easily pull my shirt down to breastfeed. Lifting a shirt up didn’t work for me – it would fall over the baby’s face a lot and annoy me. I have shirts that I haven’t worn in a long time and they’re calling my name… But I can’t comfortably wear them while I’m around my baby. The first silk shirt I wore in over a year was worn on my date night last month, for two hours. I love breastfeeding, but fashion freedom is one thing to look forward to when it’s over. 

And mom jeans. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day and realized how “mom” my jeans really were. How did that happen? I’m sure I wore these jeans before getting pregnant and they didn’t look like this. Maybe it’s because now they’re paired with a nursing cami to complete the my-body-belongs-to-a-baby look. 

My goal for the fall season is to make sure my bottom half has style, and to get use out of nice shirts when I can get away with it (maybe when the baby is in daycare through the day). 

8 thoughts on “Breastfeeding, fashion and mom jeans

  1. With the warmer weather, can you layer so that you have a cami under a nicer shirt? I guess you will essentially have to still lift the top shirt, but maybe it won’t be so bad with the cami underneath? I lift my shirt, but I pull it up all the way off of my boob, and since my boobs are so big it stays put up there lol. I’m definitely looking forward to the cooler weather though…maybe not a change in fashion, because I’m a t-shirt and jeans girl…but it’ll be nice to wear some different clothes again. 🙂

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      • You’re actually lucky for that!! They cause horrid back aches…one of which I’m suffering from right now. (Really I think I strained it carrying both cats in carriers at the same time to/from the vet today!)

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  2. Oh man I have been having such similar thoughts! I’m just hating all my clothes right now and hating how everything fits and feels. I want to go shopping and get back into things that feel good but I keep coming back to “what’s the point until she’s weaned?”

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  3. Nursing really does complicate everything! I was basically living in camis and even though I’m not nursing anymore, it’s a hard habit to break! My wife gets so annoyed because they’re all threadbare and falling apart at this point. (I only wear them under other tops unless I’m just lounging around the house in the evening before bed.)

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