30 Days of Blogging, Day 12

My new year’s resolution was to master sourdough bread making. Those who’ve been following me for a while know I’m interested in self-sufficiency when it comes to food. I grow a lot of our food in the garden, and I’m an official crazy chicken lady with my backyard chickens. I bake bread to feed my family almost every week, but I’d never dabbled in sourdough. Sourdough appeals to me because you can start with nothing more than flour and water and in the end you get a super nutritious and (hopefully) delicious bread. I also like the idea of catching wild yeast!

So I took the first step. I’m working on making a sourdough starter, using organic whole wheat flour and water. I’m on day 2 of feeding it and I haven’t seen any bubbling showing that its active, but it still smells and looks good, so I’m hopeful it will soon become home to a healthy colony of yeast and in a couple of weeks I can try making a loaf with it! 

And while I’m on the topic of self-sufficient food culture, here’s an egg pic  ā¤ļø 


9 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging, Day 12

  1. OMG those eggs!! Gorgeous!!
    I’m really intrigued about the whole growing yeast thing. We love sourdough bread, so this post is making me hungry lol!! I have a breadmaker, but for some reason I haven’t used it in sooooo long! (Like, since before B and I were together, and that’s been almost 12 years!) I should pull it out and make something! Please update on this adventure!!

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  2. Such pretty eggs!
    I tried the wild yeast method once, but there’s just something off about the yeast in the desert and things went weird. I suspect because it was too dry to begin with. I’d love to try again, though, now that we’re somewhere else. Wild yeast foods are terribly delicious.

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    • Thanks, I get really excited about the egg colours šŸ˜Š It is such a gamble to find what yeast you get and if it’ll taste good… That’s why I’m so nervous about this whole process. I mean, if it turns out gross, I can just toss it and start again. But it will be time wasted and I want to get it right on the first try šŸ˜

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    • Yep, for the starter. I’ve read that it’s good to switch to all purpose once the starter is mature because letting organic whole wheat flour sit indefinitely can make it go a little off.


  3. Hi Amy, Thanks for your post, it has sparked my interest in making a sourdough starter myself. I currently live in the city but will be moving to the country soon and I will start one then. Cheers, Lee.

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    • Glad it sparked an interest for you! My starter is going well so far… I’m still feeding it daily as it matures, but it smells really yummy. It’s a cool process!


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