30 Days of Blogging, Day 14

We quit cloth diapers. A long time ago, actually… I was just ashamed of why we stopped, so I didn’t want to talk about it. I’m now going to share our journey with cloth diapering, and the shallow reason why we stopped.

Before Avery was born, I bought ALL THE DIAPERS. I bought most used, and just a couple of each kind. I knew we would want to try them out to see what worked best for our baby. 

We spent the first two months using disposables. We started with disposables because we wanted the diapers with the PH strip so we could track how many pees she had in the first week or two of life. Disposables were easy, and it took a while to work up the courage to try cloth. But then we tried our Motherease Wizard Duos and we LOVED them. They were easy to use, never leaked, didn’t smell, easy to wash, and Avery seemed to like them. We didn’t use any of the other kinds I had accumulated during my “nesting.”

But our shallow nature reared it’s ugly head when we couldn’t fit the cute clothes over them. Loose sweat pants? Sure, no problem. Skinny jeans? No dice.

Avery grew fast – she was always in at least the 75th percentile for weight and the 90th for height. Our size small Mother-eaze Wizard Duos were outgrown by 5 months. We hummed and hawed about buying the next size up for MONTHS. In fact, when we interviewed daycares we asked if they would deal with cloth diapers, because even though we’d been using disposables again for several months, we still had good intentions to get her back into cloth.

Not only were we kind of hooked on being able to dress our kid in all the cool jeans and leggings in the correct sizes for her build, but the cloth diapers we liked were expensive, and you couldn’t find them used. We put it off for so long that eventually the cost savings you can usually get from using cloth over disposables just wasn’t going to happen anymore.

So we threw in the towel. I’ve been selling off all of the cloth diapers I had accumulated, and luckily I’m pretty much making my money back. But I feel shitty every time I take the diaper pail garbage out. I hate that we’re contributing to the landfill in such a huge way. But waiting to buy the next size of cloth diaper turned out to be a slippery slope from which we never turned back. 

6 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging, Day 14

  1. We’re on the brink here. We used mostly cloth for the first 18 months but the new daycare doesn’t do cloth. At this point it’s like one cloth diaper in the evening, then we go back to disposable for overnight. That doesn’t create enough laundry to justify the ever-other-day loads we need to wash the diapers. So, at this point it’s pretty much cloth on weekends only. I feel crappy about the trash too.

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    • Yeah cloth diapering is really an all or nothing thing because of the laundry, at least for daytime wear. At least we tried… And you made it a long time!


  2. I hear you on the guilty feeling of filling up landfills with disposable diapers. We have always been disposable. I couldn’t convince my husband on cloth no matter how hard I tried. So almost every week I’m hauling yet another full diaper genie bag out to the trash. And this is the kid who goes to daycare full time too, so if he’s doing as many diapers at home as he is at daycare, then we are actually contributing WAY more to the landfills than I feel like we are. We recycle, we separate food scraps into a separate food waste bin, and we try to use travel coffee mugs and our own water bottles as much as possible and also use plastic containers for our food instead of bags. All in an attempt to save on what we are contributing to landfills. But then it feels like we totally reverse it all by tossing giant bags of poop filled diapers in the bins.

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    • Diapers are such a common contributor to the landfill that I think a lot of families don’t even consider. A lot of people think disposable diapers are just how the world works – a normal part of having kids. For people who let themselves really think about it, it totally causes a lot of guilty feelings. But cloth still isn’t an easy option for every family, for many reasons. Having a partner who’s not on board is a legitimate reason, if you want him to be willing to change diapers!


  3. We threw in the towel on cloth diapers at about 3 months with our first and switched to seventh generation disposables. Then we downgraded to buying huggies in bulk from Costco. Ugh, we try to make up for it in other ways, but I still feel really guilty (but, obviously not guilty enough to re-commit to cloth).

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