30 Days of Blogging, Day 20

It’s time to kick my sugar habit. Since Christmas I’ve been chasing that sugar high from stocking-stuffer-chocolate, candy canes, and desserts. I eat so much sugar every day, trying to keep my craving satisfied. But the craving just gets stronger the more I feed it.

As of today I’m cutting out all sugar that is for sugar’s sake. No more donuts, candy, or discount boxes of chocolate. No more hot chocolate or dessert after dinner, either. But I’m not one to deprive myself of something I enjoy as long as I can manage eating it in moderation, so I’m only cutting it from my diet until I kick the constant cravings.

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging, Day 20

  1. Good luck! Quitting sugar is tough, but totally doable. Once you have it totally kicked, there are some good sugar-free chocolate bars out there for if you one day feel you need a little treat but don’t want to trigger the sugar addict part of the brain. I’ve only tried one brand called “Lily’s and it’s actually quite good. Because they don’t contain sugar, it doesn’t send you into a downward spiral like once you get a sugar hit!

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  2. Be careful with ‘sugar free’ things like candy/chocolate. Some use sugar substitutes that your body metabolizes just the same as real sugar and with the same blood sugar impact and addiction to sweetness in taste. IF you have a blood glucose monitor check and see your body’s response…….
    Sorry, because it sounds good……..and I was fooled until I checked with my meter ……

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    • Thanks for the tip. I actually don’t buy or eat things labeled “diet”, “low fat”, or “sugar free”. We eat mostly whole foods, so cutting out sugar for me just means cutting out those sugary splurges that I’d get while out of the house, like donuts. I’m very fortunate that I don’t have a problem metabolizing sugar (so far, at least), so I don’t have to be too strict about it. I’m still open to eating everything in moderation – just no more binges!


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