30 Days of Blogging, Day 26

My wife plays Magic: The Gathering with a group of friends, and we just started playing together at home. Avery has been sleeping soundly through the evenings again since cutting back on nursing, so we’ve been able to actually get involved in something in the evenings besides re-runs of tv shows we don’t care about missing when the cries come across the monitor every half hour.

But Magic is hard. It takes so much brain power. Has anyone else played it?

What kinds of things do you do with your partner after the kid(s) go to bed?

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging, Day 26

  1. Oh man, we’ve had such rough sleep with our little one, and now she has an ear infection so several more weeks of tough nights are expected in our future. When we were doing better we’d mostly just talk about our day and catch up on some TV shows. This first year is rough, I cannot wait until we can establish a routine.

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    • I know how hard those phases are. Most of our last 17 months has been without free evenings, or we’ve spent our evenings on edge because we’re trained to expect a restless, tearful night. But when you (i.e. the baby) start to find a rhythm and start getting evenings back, it’s such a relief. It makes me feel so much more human, just that couple of hours to unwind.
      I hope your little gets over that ear infection soon! Good luck making it through this tough time!

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