Smoothies with a hint of vegetable

I bragged and bragged about my little baby-led-weaner who would eat anything under the sun from 6 months old. But then, around the 15 month mark, Avery became picky. She can smell a speck of spinach from a mile away, and will violently gag up an accidentally ingested piece of mushroom. She grimaces at tomatoes, she picks finely diced sweet bell peppers out of an omelette, and she squeezes zucchini through her fingers while glaring at us for trying to poison her with these multi-coloured harbingers of vomit.

Ok, maybe my interpretation is a bit dramatic, but she has definitely been refusing a lot of vegetables lately, and often with a dramatic flair of her own. So I decided to start hiding veggies in smoothies. So far carrot and beet were successes, cauliflower was not. I also threw one single leaf of spinach in a berry smoothie (not pictured here) and she spat it out. The fact that she’ll consume milk and yogurt when used in a smoothie is also a win, because she won’t drink cow’s milk from a cup and she’s getting less and less human milk as we slowly wean.

The vessel I use to feed her smoothies is the Squeasyย (available on Amazon) and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I’m not an affiliate, not getting any money for clicks/purchases, but I don’t mind touting the product anyway. I find that smoothies clog up traditional sippy cups, and we’ve found the squeasy to be easy to suck smoothie from while also being spill-proof, as long as it contains a smoothie and not just water or milk. The liquid needs to have just a little viscosity to it. It’s also super easy to clean, and Avery loves holding it and squeezing it. It’s like those plastic puree pouches you can buy at the grocery store, but reusable (and more spill-proof than those). We love it.

Do you have any good smoothie recipes I should try? I’m on board with trying anything – even a little chocolate!

Carrot, peach, mango, milk, yogurt, date.ย 

Cauliflower, strawberry, banana, milk, yogurt

Beet (pre-boiled), blackberries, strawberries, banana, milk, yogurt

6 thoughts on “Smoothies with a hint of vegetable

  1. Thanks for the recommendation on the squeasy thing! I have tried making smoothies for my son but he immediately balks at them for a variety of reasons. But sometimes giving him a new thing to drink out of, he gets really excited. So maybe this will work! He used to love smoothies and I thought we were winning at the parenting thing with having a way to hide fruits and veggies for him. But suddenly they became “too cold” for him. *insert mom eye roll here*. So you guys are definitely doing awesome if you can hide those fun veggie gems into a smoothie and she happily consumes them!!

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    • ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ toddlers are so sensitive and/imaginative when it comes to excuses for things they don’t want to do.
      Avery likes the smoothies, but only in moderation. After two days of having a smoothie she decides she’s bored of them and won’t have one for a few days. Gotta keep it fresh! We’ve always had problems getting her to eat leftovers. She doesn’t like the same thing two days in a row.


    • If you get the combination of flavours and the thickness just right, they’re almost like a healthy milkshake and make a yummy treat. Sometimes they can taste too “healthy” though, like then they’re gritty from flax seeds or bitter from kale….


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