Kids are dying from the flu in our town

It’s making the breaking news headlines today. Two children have so far been confirmed to have died of the flu, and both while in school.
*edit a week later to say that the first news article was misinformed – both children were taken from school to the emergency room where they passed away. One of the children (only 7 years old) had cerebral palsy, the other (12 years old) had no reported pre-existing condition to put them at higher risk.

My heart is absolutely breaking for the parents of these children. I know that kids die all over the world every day, and that is tragic, too, but I can’t bury my head in the sand and avoid thinking about these deaths. They’re happening in my town. My small-to-midsized town where we know our neighbours and our community members.

The details of these deaths haven’t been released yet, but I am terrified and clinging extra tight to my also sick baby. At least two kids at Avery’s daycare have had the flu since last week. One was pulled out of school and taken to the emergcy room on Wednesday.

Avery has a yucky cold again, and she also has a stomach bug. I hadn’t thought it was the flu because she didn’t have a fever and she hadn’t vomited. I blamed her diarrhea on teething. But now I’m extra vigilant.

How could these kids have been well enough to be at school, and then just die, without even making it to the hospital? How can it come out of the blue like this? I’m so unsettled.

7 thoughts on “Kids are dying from the flu in our town

  1. Flu is so bad this year. We’ve had so many hospitalizations around here this year, and deaths as well. One woman in my mom’s group is a pediatrician, and they lost a 9 month old. So sad, I can’t even imagine. I truly hope it settles down soon. Also hope Avery is feeling better soon!

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  2. We treat the flu all to casually. I constantly hear “well the vaccine is not very effective (40%this year) so why get it?” And I’m over here like…a 40% reduction in contacting a disease that killed more people in 1919 than WW1? Um….

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    • Thank you. The erroneous trivialization does need to be made clear. Death is a very real price that is paid as a consequence… and usually by the innocent not the purveyor of false information.

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