The Prophetic Name

As I’ve talked about before, my wife wants a second child and I’m prepared to make it happen for her even though I feel content with one, because she hesitantly obliged me when I wanted the first one.

I had been on the fence about #2. Even though we aren’t planning to try for #2 for a few years, I was already feeling seriously nervous about surviving another round of baby years. The sleep deprivation really scarred me.

But then a name came to me. A perfect name that I loved the instant it popped into my head. I knew it had to be the name of our second child. Because I couldn’t get it out of my head, I told my wife the name and she instantly loved it. It’s the name.

Aspen Bay.

Slightly hipster? Maybe. But it goes so well with Avery May. And I’m a tree person. And yes, it’s a somewhat gendered name, but I somehow know that our second child will be another girl. Go ahead and laugh, but our donor seems to only produce girls. And never doubt the intuition of a mother.

So anyway, we’ll be holding onto this name for a few years, and only time will tell if we will end up using it. But having this name now makes me feel like we’re missing a family member who is yet to come… When I look at Avery I see her with a younger sister. I can picture her hollering “Aspen!” down the hall. It feels like a prophetic name.

3 thoughts on “The Prophetic Name

  1. I’m sure your instinct is totally correct. We had a similar experience with our daughter’s name (it’s Miriam). One time, years before she was even a thought, her name literally jumped out of a page of a book at me like a voice and I KNEW that I would have a daughter and that was her name.

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  2. That was the same way with us and Hazel. As soon as it made our list, we both just knew, even though we didn’t know the baby’s gender yet. We gave up on trying to think of boy names and that point and thank goodness we were right.

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