One hour to do whatever you want

My wife was at work on Friday (a no-daycare day) and away working on her family cottage rebuild on Saturday, and two back to back days as a solo parent had me itching for some freedom. Avery has also been incredibly glued to me lately – I can’t leave her side while she naps or sleeps at night or she wakes and freaks out. (We’re working on it….). So anyway, we decided to do an hour each of our own thing yesterday. My wife had a bath. I thought I’d go to my favourite coffee shop and blog a bit. But my favourite coffee shop was closed. And the next coffee shop I went to was closing in 20 minutes. So I stopped at the nearest convenience store, bought a chocolate bar, and then parked in a nearby park and ate my chocolate bar with just enough time to write this and head home again. It was sad. It was lonely. It was poorly planned. And it made me realize I haven’t quite kicked my sugar habit…..

Next weekend we’re going to have to up it to 2 hours so I can actually go somewhere and settle in and drink a coffee.

What would you do if you had an hour or two of YOU TIME?

13 thoughts on “One hour to do whatever you want

  1. Hi I had all day to myself my kids were out with nana n grandad my oh was at work so I just pigged out on a subway and lots of sweets got a magazine and layed on my bed and watched film I loved it x

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  2. B had off of work today for the holiday (Presidents’ Day here) so I left C with him to get my first hair cut in almost a year! I also stopped at Walmart to get a few things. So, nothing special, but I didn’t have to worry about anyone but myself!

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    • Sounds lovely! In a couple of weeks I’m getting my first hair cut since before I got pregnant with Avery. It’s going to be some epic me time. It’s funny how just wandering around a Walmart without a child can feel so liberating! 😁


  3. I take an hour to myself on Saturdays and go to a yoga class. I walk there and I take my time coming back. I left the house on Saturday and my one year old daughter was crying (major separation anxiety going on there) and my 3 year old son was bouncing off the walls and My husband said “go! I got this!” So
    I was like, seeee ya lol

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  4. I go to the library and read magazines! It’s sooooo quiet there, which is basically what I’m craving generally. They have tons of good magazines, especially the silly ones I don’t want to pay for. Plus there’s a coffee cart in the lobby. I lead a life of intrigue and excitement obviously lol!

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    • Isn’t it sad how life gets so full so fast? I am so thankful to only work part time hours, but even when I’m home with the kiddo, the time is definitely not me time. I hope you can make that hour (or two) for yourself soon! You deserve it, and have so earned it!!


  5. A long hot shower. I feel like my showers are now constantly rushed and I’m always sticking my head out to listen for crying. Or, a little person is on the other side of the curtain and she MUST show me what she found under the bathroom sink RIGHT NOW.

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