3 Things on Sunday

1. My PhD research proposal was accepted!! I waited a month for my advisory committee to come together for a meeting, and the meeting went amazingly well. I can finally – after 3 years and 2 other proposal attempts that fell through for different reasons – finally, move on to actually DOING THE RESEARCH and finishing this f-ing degree and get a job.

2. I had my first me-time in a long time getting my hair done this weekend, but thoughts of how expensive it was going to be and how much I just wanted to be home with my little family made the whole 2 hour process unenjoyable. It’s funny how you can be at your wit’s end with trying to keep up with your demanding toddler’s needs and then in only 5 minutes of being alone feel like your heart is aching from missing that wonderful, demanding toddler.

3. Night weaning is going really well, but sleep isn’t… It’s complicated. Avery has been sick forever and the cough still keeps her up at night. The doctor assures us it’s normal for kids her age in daycare to be sick for this long, and for things like runny noses and coughs to linger well beyond the duration of the actual bug. She’s also struggling with yet another itchy post-viral rash (apparently she’s prone to them). So she does a lot of crying through the night, and I used to be able to make her feel better by nursing. Now we just put a hand on her back and lay next to her while she fusses, and she doesn’t even ask for milk to help her get through it. She just deals with it. It makes me proud of her, and also sad that the instant comfort phase of her life is over. She makes her own comfort, now. That said, last night she was really upset, and I brought her into our bed to sleep on top of me. Just because we’ve night weaned doesn’t mean we’ll let her suffer all night or go without sleep.

The good news is, she usually goes from 7pm to 4am with only one wake up that we need to go to her bedside for (that one wake up takes 2 minutes for my wife and an hour for me, though). The bad news is, 4am is when she wakes up for the day now… We’ve let her have an earlier nap to compensate, but that just messes with her afternoon energy levels. Can’t wait for her to settle into the new normal without night (and morning) nursing and hopefully find a good rhythm we can all be happy with.

13 thoughts on “3 Things on Sunday

    • Thanks, it has been a long time coming! Now hopefully the rest of the process will all fall in line and there won’t be any other big delays!
      Waking up at 4 has been unpleasant… I’m getting through it the way I get through everything in parenting, by reminding myself that “this too shall pass”.

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  1. Congratulations on the accepted proposal, What is your research topic? (I work in research too). Sorry you are having sleep trouble. We’ve been sleep training which has actually been going really well. She wakes up early, but not 4am! That sounds like torture. Hopefully that settles soon!

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    • Thanks! I study prejudice against the lgbt population, and how to reduce prejudice. For my dissertation I’m looking at the power of allies in an educational video disseminated to a large population of heterosexual Americans.

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      • That sounds really interesting and very important for our society. I keep feeling that we are moving backward in social justice for minority populations. I wonder if your videos are effective if they could be expanded to other populations (women, racial minorities, religious minorities). Such a cool topic!

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  2. We’re battling a cold too, and it’s so hard not to just nurse to comfort. She has stopped asking as much, which is both reassuring and heartbreaking. She’s done a lot of sleeping on top of me, and she prefers to press her cheek against mine as she mouth breaths… it’s challenging.

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    • ❤️ Yup, sounds just like us. Avery will pull my face onto hers so we’re cheek to cheek with the weight of my head on hers. Sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.


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