We’ve joined the Paw Patrol fan club [insert eye roll here]

We try to curate what Avery watches on Netflix. We don’t have cable, so it should be easy to make sure she only watches shows we’re on board with. We have nothing against Paw Patrol, really, besides the fact that it’s kind of annoying to the parents… And I suppose we also dislike how the characters always win at everything – losing isn’t an option. We want Avery to see examples of people failing on their first try. We want her to not be afraid of or stunned by failure. Anyway, we’re not against the show, we just prefer that she watch other things.

But somehow we have a Paw Patrol addict on our hands. Her great-aunt got her some Paw Patrol books for Christmas, and while visiting her cousin she was exposed to the show for the first time. When I was scrolling through Netflix to find Llama Llama, Avery was looking over my shoulder and spotted the Paw Patrol icon. We gave it a try. She grabbed one of her Paw Patrol books and excitedly pointed from the book to the TV. And with that, she was hooked. Now whenever she pulls her book off the shelf, she points to the tv and says “Paw? Paw?”

We’ve started watching it every morning before daycare while I make breakfast and feed the cats and fuel up with coffee.

Does anyone else find it kind of annoying for the parents?

Does anyone have good kids show recommendations?

25 thoughts on “We’ve joined the Paw Patrol fan club [insert eye roll here]

  1. Daniel Tiger is pretty decent. It does a lot to help kids identify with their feelings (but the songs will get into your head and drive you crazy…) My nieces are obsessed with it and my 2-year-old niece does a really good job of articulating when she is sad, hurt, or otherwise feeling strongly about a particular emotion, so I’d call it a win.

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  2. Charlotte is obsessed with Peppa Pig. I freaking HATE IT. She was hooked on Daniel Tiger for a while, and I didn’t mind that nearly as much. Kids TV is so tough—by the time you realize how much you really hate a show, it’s too late and your kid is hooked!

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    • Haha so true. Avery went through a brief peppa pig phase…. I hated it too. I’d love for Avery to watch Daniel Tiger but it’s not on the Canadian Netflix. I heard about a research study that found the pro-social messaging in Daniel Tiger actually improved behaviour in kids.


      • From personal experience, that is very true. The little Daniel tiger jingles have really impacted how C deals with things sometimes. She can relate how she’s feeling to the song and it gives her a reasonable way to cope.

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  3. My son is also obsessed with ‘paw show’. I don’t love it I prefer he watch something more educational but I live how he interacts with it. On Netflix I like octonauts, chuggington (they fail sometimes and learn lessons), and super wings. On YouTube I like Daniel tiger and Sesame Street.

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  4. We just started letting J watch tv sometimes (a long run of sickness wore us down and something had to give). We’ve only watched two shows: Puffin Rock and Llama Llama. I LOVE Puffin Rock – it is cute, age appropriate, aesthetically pleasing, not loud or annoying, teaches her about nature, and I don’t take issue with any of the values it imparts. So I heartily recommend it to anyone. Llama Llama is okay, but I had high expectations (we love the books) and I find it kind of annoying, preachy, and it turns J into a TV zombie (whereas she chatters to me all through Puffin Rock to tell me what is going on). It’s tough to navigate, and I think we will ‘vet’ any future shows before letting her watch. I hear Maisy Mouse is good, so that is next on my list.

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    • I LOVE Puffin Rock. That was Avery’s first tv show that she was allowed to watch. She still requests it sometimes, but it got a bit old for her because it was all she was allowed to watch for about 6 months.
      I feel the same about Llama Llama…
      Thanks for the tip about Maisy Mouse – I’ll check that one out too.


  5. I love Paw Patrol. My daughter went through a very serious LOVE of that show….we have since moved on, but it’s ‘pawsitive’ (do like that wordplay 😉 ?), they never use words like ‘stupid’, and it’s made in Canada. Whats not to like? It’s only annoying to adults because it’s so darn repetitive, but that’s why toddlers love it! They love the simplicity and the basic format of the show. Toddlers love routine and knowing what is happening next, that’s the genius of any successful kid show – routine. 🙂 P.S. Marshall is my favorite.

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  6. My children grew up with Mr. Rogers. He made me crazy but calmed my children. And, they both understand opera due to that show. Today I appreciate Doc McStuffin for my grands. Good health messages, positive women’s roles, POC. We all loved Ms Piggy and Kermit and Oscar too….It was a LONG time ago……

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  7. We haven’t done Paw Patrol, but we’ve relied heavily on Word Party (Netflix Original) the last week while M was sick. I actually really like the theme song. The voices are annoying, but the super simple story lines and short episodes are good for us right now.

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  8. My son is obsessed with PAW Patrol like it is his whole world. My daughter goes through phases. Currently, it’s the Boss Baby series. Alvin and the chipmunks annoy me the most, not hugely sure why though.

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    • Omg Alvin and the chipmunks freaks me out!! They have human faces but they’re supposed to be chipmunks… Also, the original Alvin and the chipmunks annoyed me even when I was a little kid. Those high voices…

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