Dang birds!

Last night we heard a frantic kerfuffle behind our washer/dryer, which is in our walk-in closet off the bedroom. We assumed there was a mouse-fight in the walls. We live in an old house. These things happen…

This morning it started up again, but in addition to the scrambling sounds, we heard wild and crazed bird calls (link to a video clip at end of post). We pulled the washer/dryer out and saw the flexible drier vent pipe jiggle and bounce as a bird clearly ran back and forth inside the corrugated tube. It wasn’t trapped (the grated vent cover had fallen off (and landed 2 stories below)) but it didn’t want to leave. I jiggled the pipe and tapped on it with a screwdriver and yelled at the bird to get out, and it squacked back at me with indignance.

I worried that it had already somehow had time to build a nest and lay eggs and hatch them out and that I’d be killing a bunch of baby birds by removing the pipe. I also worried that the angry adult bird would fly out the end of the pipe and attack me as I removed it from the back of the dryer.

But none of that happened. It was just one frantic bird who didn’t want its newfound condo to be invaded by humans. It left the premises when I removed the vent pipe, and had only brought two twigs in so far in an attempt at making a nest. I shoved a towel in the open pipe and we’ll have to permanently fix the problem when we come back home after the long weekend.

Here’s a clip from my Instagram stories showing the wild and wacky sounds it was making!

This post is in response to a daily prompt.

3 thoughts on “Dang birds!

  1. SO GLAD YOU CAUGHT IT IN TIME! Before all the nest building had occurred. Be really careful reinstalling the grate! No falling!!!! No tackling it when alone or with just child around. Happy weekend!

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  2. holy crap! that screaming sound would have terrified me if I hadn’t heard the running sounds first. Thank goodness you got it out and no nests were built yet!

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