Ripley’s Aquarium

Avery’s sick right now with yet another daycare virus, but thank goodness the virus held off until after our weekend trip to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto. We took Avery’s cousin as a gift of an experience (instead of toys) for his 2nd birthday. The two toddlers totally fed off of each other’s excitement and were completely wild and untamable for the entire two hours we spent there. They got into screaming matches at the fish, Avery became a “runner” and made us wish we had one of those backpack leashes, and she also showed bravery and confidence that we hadn’t seen before. They were both so far out of their shells that it took sheer exhaustion to rein them in again when it was over.

7 thoughts on “Ripley’s Aquarium

  1. I was just there over the Easter long weekend. It was soooooo so so busy. My eyes were glued to my 3 year old the whole time I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy it myself! I was so nervous to lose him in the crowd. I did get some cool jelly pics too though 🙂

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    • When we were there it was kind of busy, but we still were able to get right up to all of the aquariums without having to push through people. I also didn’t even notice the fish because I was trying to keep my eyes (and a hand) on my little one. It’s such a different experience to go without kids! I went 3 years ago and was like “all these darn kids are getting in my way and being noisy…I just want to enjoy the fish…” Haha old naive me…


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