Daycare decision

When we found our home daycare (that we love), we also got on a waiting list for a daycare centre at the university I’m a student at. My wife really wanted to get our daughter into the centre because a) it’s well known as an amazing centre, and b) she liked the idea of more structure and more kids to prepare Avery for kindergarten. I’m more of the mindset that there’s enough structure in school and early childhood should be reserved for free play.

We got the email yesterday that a spot had opened up at the centre. It was part time like we are now, but instead of 4 half days, it would be two full days. It would cost three times as much money.

My stomach lurched. I thought for a brief second about not showing the email to my wife. I love our daycare situation so much. Avery loves it. We’ve NEVER had to deal with tears over drop off. She has an actual best friend whom she’s learning lots of valuable life lessons with. Our provider truly loves our daughter. The half days work perfectly for us because she gets to come home to nap so I still get 6 hours in a workday but we pay half the cost. It is dirt cheap. We pay $25 a day, and if we give a heads up about days we’ll be away, we only pay half. Avery can go even if she’s sick (unless it’s a fever or vomiting) because it’s such a small group of kids that they will all have been exposed to the same bugs by the time it presents in one sick kid (some parents wouldn’t like this, but Avery has had a snotty nose and congestion literally every day since November, which would have meant a lot of missed daycare).

Our provider also takes them to a large playgroup once or twice a week where they interact with a lot of other kids. They learn songs and dance moves. They get as much outside time as possible. Avery comes home with art or a craft every other day. Our provider and i have become friends and we text about parenting things, she gives us her kids’ hand-me-down clothes, and she loves our daughter. I know I already said that last point, but it’s the most important thing to me in a daycare. It’s a dream daycare as far as I’m concerned.

So I was really nervous showing that email to my wife, knowing that she wants Avery to experience a centre. But thankfully, she sighed a hard sigh, and agreed that she’s probably best where she is.

7 thoughts on “Daycare decision

  1. As a former home daycare provider who had her daughter in a daycare center BEFORE opening my daycare, I can tell you this, you are doing a great job and know what is best for Avery. I personally found that home daycares were more quaint and better overall for most kids!

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  2. It’s a tough decision to make when it comes to moving a toddler out of a care environment that is clearly working very well in all aspects, including price. It sounds as though you and your wife made the right decision as this caregiver seems absolutely incredible. And, in a sea of sketchy, unlicensed daycares that are everywhere these days, it is great that you have a place you are immediately so comfortable with. Your peace of mind knowing that you are happy as well as Avery being 100% happy is worth more than anything, including daycares that are known to be amazing. Why disrupt a great thing right?

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    • Exactly. Even if her current daycare was just “pretty good”, I’d think long and hard about switching because you can’t guarantee that the new place will be better, or that the transition won’t be extremely hard on her. I’m so happy we’re staying where we are.


  3. At her age staying where she is makes sense. Wait until fall 2019 to look at a bigger center; providing of course that your current day carer will stay around and be there until that time. Children need stability when possible. When they cannot have that they learn to adjust but it is easier when the child has LOTS more language for them to understand and adjust.


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