Avery’s new word of the week is “dirty.” Her rainboots recieve the most critcism about being dirty, and although I try to explain to her that dirty rainboots is a good thing – a sign that she had fun splashing in puddles – she freaks out over the dirt and wants them washed.

There’s also a lot of dirt on our floors right now because I’ve been too sick and tired to vacuum. If Avery’s barefoot, every so often she’ll sit down and hold her foot, inspecting it just inches from her face, whining “dirty!”

I hope she’s just exploring ways to use her new word, and she won’t actually continue to be so averse to dirt. For a kid who dislikes dirt so much, she sure is a magnet for it!

6 thoughts on “Dirty

  1. Linnea is SUUUUUPER all about “dirty” right now too! We’ve been helping her clean off if she gets upset about it, but just treating it as “okay” and matter-of-fact has already started to minimize the dirty aversion. I seem to remember Darwin going through this at some point too, and the kid has no problem picking up bugs and worms, digging in the dirt, and generally getting filthy, so there’s hope! 😀

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  2. My four year old son loves playing outside and getting dirty. But as soon as he’s done playing, he wants to go and change his clothes and get all the dirt off of him. And then not even 10 min later he’ll be back doing the same thing outside.😂 And it just repeats its self

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  3. Our daughter is treating “wet” with the same disdain. If she steps in even the smallest puddle (from the dogs drinking water) she stops and screeches. She does not like the table to be wet, or her clothes (even though she frequently pours water on herself), her socks, the floor, etc.

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    • Hahaha I love toddlers. Averys the same. She purposefully pours water all over herself when she shakes her water bottle or her cup upside down and then looks inside. She knows what the repercussions are… But she freaks out saying “wet!! Wet!!” 😆


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