Hand, foot and mouth disease

Because we hadn’t had enough viruses this year…

This is something like the 13th virus Avery has had in 6 months. Thanks, daycare. She just got over the flu she (and we all) had two weekends ago. Thursday night she spiked another fever and was noticeably unwell. So unwell that I felt compelled to take her to the doctor for the first time for any of the viruses she has come down with. Her fever was high and her breathing was fast and laboured. I was worried it was pneumonia. The doctor took one look in her mouth and confirmed it was hand foot and mouth disease, and sure enough, blisters started breaking out on her hands and feet (and arms and legs) through the night last night. Her fever is lower now, but persistent.

To add insult to injury, she has an ear infection, too. For now we’re letting her body do it’s own healing, but I picked up antibiotics just in case (because it’s the long weekend and I want to be prepared in case her fever gets worse). The antibiotics wouldn’t work on the hand, foot and mouth disease because it’s a virus, but they would combat the ear infection if she wasn’t able to get over it on her own with an already burdened immune system.

We had plans to go to the cottage this weekend. I spent all day Friday prepping. I bought SO MUCH FOOD to feed our extended family of 10 people. But now we’re spending the weekend at home (and the family will have to figure out their meals, which I feel bad about since we gave short/no notice). Despite wasting my time on all the prep, I’m glad we’re staying home. The last time we were at the cottage Avery and I both had the flu and we were miserable. We’ll try again next weekend…

18 thoughts on “Hand, foot and mouth disease

  1. I hope you guys don’t get it! HF&M is apparently worse in adults. My wife got it and couldn’t walk for a week because she got blisters all over her feet. Be extremely vigilant in washing hands etc. ❤ ❤
    Here's to a quick recovery!

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    • Oh no!! Our dr said it’s rare that adults get symptoms, but I guess when they do, it’s much worse! I have totally been careless, sharing her popsicles and kissing her snotty face…. So now I’m just going to hope that my immune system is strong enough to ward it off… Yikes.


      • OH YES!!! much harder on adults. Absolutely sending you two the very best wishes for avoiding HFM virus!!!! Quite unpleasant to have. So sorry re all the viruses and other sharing from pre-schools but usually it is easier at their age than when they are first graders and missing instructional time too. Very best wishes for health to you all!!!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that Avery is sick. I hope she gets to feeling better soon.
    I’m sure your family will understand that the baby is sick. It sucks that it happened, but I’m sure they’re more worried about her getting better than anything else.
    Wishing her a speedy recovery and you a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

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    • Thanks! She’s already feeling better (despite the massive blisters all over her arms and legs). We’ve been getting much needed yard work done and it feels awesome. Just trying to ignore the sore throat I think I feel tonight……


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