Glimpses of a passion for more than motherhood

When I became a mother – literally, the second my daughter was born and placed on my chest – I lost all interest and passion for anything else in my life. My evaporated passion for research, psychology, and career was worrisome for my wife and others in my life because they feared I’d never return to school to finish my doctorate. My wife, particularly, had lost a part of me that she’d always found attractive – one of the things that drew her to me as a partner was my passion and drive toward my dream career.

In the time since I became a mother I’ve found the patience and determination within me to continue working on my doctorate, but the passion hadn’t returned. Very recently, however, I met with someone I used to volunteer with and we got talking about teaching, teaching theory, and adult learning. That was always one of my passions and a part of the dream career I used to envision for myself, but it, too, had fizzled out. But as we talked, I felt a tiny spark ignite in my brain (or in my soul, maybe), and I started to feel passion for teaching again. I started to feel excited to get back in the classroom. I started to yammer on and on about adult learning theory. When the conversation ended, my excitement diminished again over the course of the day. But it’s almost as if a pilot light had been re-lit. Now it takes less to trigger me into excitement over the research and theory I used to be passionate about.

Today I was randomly wondering why women are expected to make so much noise during sex, and men aren’t. I Google Scholar’ed it and started reading feminist research on sexuality and I felt hungry for it, like I couldn’t ingest enough of it. I started to crave a good conversation on the topic and wanted to call up a peer who specializes in this area and go for a coffee.

This kind of passion for knowledge, for reading academic articles, for critiquing theory and methods, had been gone for so long. But I’m catching more and more glimpses of that old side of me. I’m hopeful now that I might actually return to wanting something more for myself than motherhood alone. I’m hopeful for this because I don’t want to deny myself of the career I’d always dreamed of because of the way I feel about motherhood RIGHT NOW. I don’t want to wake up one day feeling less completely consumed by motherhood and realize that I’m discouragingly far away from that dream career that I had been so close to before motherhood.

7 thoughts on “Glimpses of a passion for more than motherhood

  1. I feel the same way. I’m back to work after being off for nearly 1.5 years on maternity leave and today I found myself passionately talking about my ideas for improvement and getting others on board. It felt so good. I also think it’ll be good for my kids to see me interested in something outside of them ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. I hear you and I agree. I only wish this path were a little more linear. I feel like I start to see that glimmer of passion for something other than mothering, then maybe my kid sees it too and throws us for a new developmental loop that requires more of my time, energy, and patience… I’m positive she wants to ensure that nothing else ever becomes a priority, haha.

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  3. 1. Your homesteading I*gram site is so informative… you are a natural teacher. Thanks!
    2. Motherhood can be intense and consuming. Usually then we move back to our own selves, important for children to become their own self too, it just takes some time.
    3. Retirement is wonderful… when you are ready for it, personally, financially, as a family;do not rush it or refuse to embrace it when it is time.

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