First night away

It’s been a month shy of 2 years, and I’m finally taking a night away from my baby. I’m visiting a friend 3 hours from home, and my wife took Avery to the cottage 2 hours in the other direction, so we’re 5 hours away from each other right now. I definitely miss her, and I’m wearing her little costume jewelry bracelet that she put on me before I left because it makes me feel closer to her, but I haven’t cried and I’m really excited to sleep tonight. I’m going to sleep all night long, and hopefully not wake up till 9am.

And that concludes my super short post, because seriously, I’m now going to sleep for a long, long time.

4 thoughts on “First night away

  1. Hope you did sleep. Sometimes out bodies respond with habit not freedom. It can be hard the first time but the role of parent is to gradually set the child free and independent….. so necessary too.
    Proud of you!

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