“The ghost is here.” And other haunting musings from my 2 year old

Avery is really into ghosts right now. And by that I mean, she claims to see one in our house… We’ve been reading her Halloween books to get her in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, but in those books the ghosts are just a kid or a farm animal with a sheet over their head. Paw Patrol also has at least one ghost episode, but the ghost gets debunked (and again, it’s pretty obviously just Marshall with a sheet on his head).

So the fact that she’s talking about a ghost in our house as some invisible entity that she can point at but we can’t see is highly unsettling. I don’t believe in ghosts, but the idea of them still terrifies me. My imagination has always been strong, and my logical brain has to work really hard to make it so I don’t need to sleep with a light on.

Avery’s ghost talk started with a creepy afternoon ghost sighting while we were playing in the living room. She stopped what she was doing, pointed at the bottom of the stairs, and said, “ghost downstairs.”

My knee jerk reaction was to try to saying something to keep her from being scared. I said, “there’s no ghost. Ghosts are just on TV.” I now don’t know if this was the best response; maybe I should have validated her more and inquired about what she saw, but I didn’t want to encourage something that might end up scaring her.

But she’s not scared. The next day, when she was sitting on the toilet in our upstairs bathroom, she pointed at the open doorway and said “ghost right there!” She was super calm and matter-of-fact about it. Again, my response was, “there’s not ghost. Ghosts are just on TV.” Despite the calm tone I tried to present, I was feeling disturbed at this point.

The creepiest time to hear these comments are in her bedroom at night. My wife and I take turns laying with her in the dark for up to an hour while she falls asleep. It was my night to do bedtime, and from the dark she whispered, “ghost.” I could see in the faint light coming in from under the door that her arm was up and her finger was pointing. Then she said, “ghost flying around Avery’s bed.”

It took all the adult self-control and reassuring techniques I could conjure to stay in her room.

Now that she has caught on to our canned reassuring line that “ghosts are just on TV,” she prefaces her ghost sightings by acknowledging that there isn’t really a ghost. Instead of just, “I see a ghost,” she now says, “Ghosts are just on TV. No ghost beside Avery’s bed.” But why so specific about where this non-existent ghost is standing???

9 thoughts on ““The ghost is here.” And other haunting musings from my 2 year old

    • Also, one time when we were FaceTiming my mom, Julian kept asking “who’s that person touching Grandma?” My mom was home alone and totally spooked so she ran outside and waited for her boyfriend to come to home. I couldn’t stop laughing, but pretty sure I would have done the same thing.

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  1. I totally believe in ghosts, and have had some experiences that have solidified my belief in them. It’s said that kids can see/feel ghosts or spirits because their minds are more open than adults. Not trying to freak you out, just saying!

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    • My mom recently saw a medium who informed her that kids are more open to seeing spirits. Even though 99% of me doesn’t believe, there’s 1% that wonders….. I haven’t had any experiences that I couldn’t later explain away with tricks of the mind. Perhaps a good undeniable experience would change my thinking!


  2. We are going through a similar ghost phase in our house. I do the same thing as you and say to my son that ghosts aren’t real and they are just fun Halloween characters. I’m not sure he’s buying it though. I personally am 50/50 on spirits and ghosts existence because of some personal experiences as well as my grandmother (years ago) having some experiences of her own. But so I don’t freak myself out, I pretend that they are all like Casper the friendly ghost. Feels ridiculous that a 35 year old adult has to say that though!

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  3. I’ve heard that young kids are much more likely to be able to “see” or be aware of supernatural beings, but of course I’ve just kind of blown it off. I loosely believe that there can be “energies” beyond our typical awareness, but I don’t have any concrete beliefs or ideas about them. I also think animals have more awareness in this area or maybe it’s less inhibitions, in both cases. Avery’s comments and pointing would absolutely freak me out, and I’d have a LOT of questions for her, haha.

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