I ordered weed online

So marijuana is legal in Canada now. Unfortunately it’s only available via an online store in Ontario, currently, because the liquor control board is incredibly possessive over the market of illicit goods and hasn’t come to an agreement with the Province yet in order to either sell pot through their gov’t stores, or to allow it to be sold in other stores.

So we ordered online.

We haven’t smoked since LONG before becoming parents, and to be honest, I don’t really like it. We bought it in part because it used to help my wife’s anxiety, and in part just because we could!

It gets delivered via Canada Post – our regular mail delivery service. The mail carriers are told to ID everyone at the door, but in my experience, he winked and said, “you’re 19.” Then said “I have to ask for a signature,” like he didn’t feel it was a necessary precaution.

We have a nondescript, locking box to keep it in, which is way more protection than we have for our booze… I think it will take a long time for the stigma around weed to become more in line with the stigma around alcohol (which is, to many people, nil). As for my perspective, I’m fine with drinking alcohol around my child, but I don’t feel comfortable being intoxicated (or even buzzed) around her. I don’t feel comfortable ingesting Marijuana around my child – mainly, I don’t want to smoke anything around her, but I also wouldn’t yet feel comfortable consuming it with a vaporizer if I had one. I’m still hung up on the stigma when it comes to pot and parenting. Without a kid in tow, though, I’d feel fine smoking it while walking down the street, which we can do, now, in Canada!

14 thoughts on “I ordered weed online

  1. Canadian here too and, I won’t lie, I’m still having trouble deciding my true feelings on the legalization of weed here. I don’t smoke it, never have and unless I need it medically, I likely never will. But I have zero issue with people who choose to make weed part of their life. Personal choice right? Much like someone who doesn’t drink but has no problem going out with friends who will be having a few drinks. That’s me. Pass one around the bonfire and I’m cool with that, but I will pass when it hits me. I personally don’t like the smell of it and would rather not share the sidewalk I’m running on with someone smoking it, much like the same way I feel about breathing in cigarettes. But that’s obviously something I’m going to have to adjust to. It’s the stigma that is set in my brain after 35 years of “all drugs are bad” being recited from my parents that I’m having a hard time adjusting my thought process around. I know my job as a parent is going to be to teach my son about the importance of exercising caution when consuming alcohol and now marijuana so I know I’m really going to have to educate myself on how to talk about weed when I know nothing about it at all. Hopefully by the time that conversation has to start happening there will be some more solid groundwork done and systems in place that will help guide that discussion.

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    • I hear that our Canada Post mail people are really concerned about the fact that the days are getting darker earlier and they are doing weed deliveries in the dark. Lots of concern for their own safety now. So hopefully that’s something that will be worked with as well to ensure they can be as safe as possible.

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      • That’s a valid concern! Not so much the law abiding people who ordered the stuff, but the people who might want to rob a mail carrier who is in possession of it….


      • Yeah I think that’s where their concerns lie. Criminals figuring out who is ordering and when deliveries happen and then stalking the postie.

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  2. Canadian here too and I am quite upset that we can use weed for recreation TBH with you. I mean, how will someone know how much is enough? How long will it last in the body? My problem is not with the responsible/ conscientious users, but those who can abuse it. With the holidays around the corner, there will be a lot of irresponsible adults out there and the thought that now someone can just walk around the streets buzzed (forget driving intoxicated), scares me. As a driver, what if a buzzed chap chooses the jaywalk while I am doing a 60 kph? You still cannot drink on the streets…

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    • That’s one of my concerns as well. The people driving buzzed. I need to look into it, but I seem to remember that police aren’t equipped with machines that can indicate if someone is high or not. And if they do check points like they do with drinking and driving, how do they determine who they are going to use the machine (if one exists) on and who they aren’t. If someone doesn’t have the telltale red eyes or smell wafting from them then how do they know that this person didn’t consume weed somehow before leaving the house or even while driving? I know people have been doing it for years, but now there will be even more out there. I like to believe that people will be responsible…but in this day and age where alcohol is abused constantly, I have my doubts that everyone will be responsible (like Amy here) in their consumption and actions following it. It’s all of the unknowns that make me sit on the fence on how I feel about it.

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  3. Yes haha we did the same! Haven’t smoked in years (before kids) but now that we know how much thc is in it I’m way more comfortable now that I know what I’m getting. I also won’t use it when the kids are awake, this is a before bedtime help me sleep kind of thing

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  4. I thought you weren’t technically weren’t allowed to smoke it in public? It has to be in private, doesn’t it? I personally can’t stand it when I’m walking down the street with my baby and people are smoking cigarettes or pot. I don’t want any smoke around my kid 😦

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    • Yeah actually I’ll have to double check the laws on smoking in public. I also really don’t appreciate walking through a cloud of cigarette smoke on the street (with or without my child), so now that I think about it, I probably wouldn’t smoke it in public.

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  5. It is legal where I live to, but you cant do it while walking on the streets they basically gave it the same laws as they do with alcohol… if you get pulled over for intoxication then they do a blood test on the spot and that will tell how much is in your system… but I don’t like being any type of intoxicated while my kids are awake and I never get anything more than a buzz even when they are asleep… but that doesn’t take much like 1 beer maybe 2 max but same thing with weed I’ve done it a couple times with my hubby on a date night when we were kid free and it was fun but even then I’m such a light weight one puff and I’m done and starving lol…

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