It’s a Time Change Miracle!

Daylight saving time never bothered us because Avery’s sleep was always so F-ed up that the time change didn’t make a noticeable impact on the already sporadic and frequent wakefulness of our baby.

This morning was the “Fall back,” meaning we would wake up to an “extra hour.” So, Avery’s recent wakeup time window of 5-6am meant she’d likely wake at 4-5am instead. Sure enough, my adjusted clock read 4am when she started crying for me in her room (for the 4th time that night….). Her body thought it was 5am – time to go downstairs and watch Paw Patrol and play with toys.

She was chatty. I was miserable. I told her it was still the middle of the night and she had to go back to sleep. She asked to cuddle in Mommy and Mo’s bed. I obliged and locked the cats out.

By some miracle (seriously, this must have been a legit MIRACLE), the cats didn’t scratch obnoxiously at the door, and Avery WENT BACK TO SLEEP. Not only did she go back to sleep, but she slept until 7am, which is 8am according to her internal clock. Avery has NEVER slept until 8am. She only sleeps until 7 if she’s deathly ill (which she is not, currently).

It was a miracle.

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