Family Planning as a PhD Mom

Here’s a secret… I had been planning to start trying to make baby #2 in the first week of January. I had kept it from the blog. We had been updating our donor contract, gotten our donor on board, I’d been collecting syringes from the pharmacy, and taking a prenatal vitamin. But then my PhD progress threw a wrench in the works.

I finally got my dissertation data last week, and it was not all that I hoped it would be. It was OK, but not enough to constitute a dissertation. So, my advisory committee and I decided that I needed a second study. A new study, a new ethics application, another 400 people recruited, another big batch of data collected, and a whole new story to write up about it. My original plan was to be finished writing in spring, and defend early summer. My new plan is to finish writing in summer, and defend in fall. So conceiving in January would mean I could be defending my dissertation with a fresh baby on my boob – no thanks!

The new plan is to start trying to conceive in MAYBE March, skip April (we’re too busy in December to have a December baby), and resume in May. I’m bummed out for many reasons…

10 thoughts on “Family Planning as a PhD Mom

  1. I have always said that it’s a blessing and a curse that we have so much choice over when it happens!! It makes us live in 9 month increments. It’s nice to not have a surprise but it sucks to have to be so responsible! haha! Good luck!! I am sure whenever it happens it will be perfect 🙂

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  2. This is SO familiar. I was ready to start trying last winter. Then last spring. Then summer. We did try in October, and then needed to take off a couple of months and I am honing we’ll be able to try again in January, but I have a hard time believing it will happen. PhDs are tough on the schedule…

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