My little introvert at Christmas

Avery’s an introvert. And I’m not just saying that because I want her to be one because I’m one and I think introverts are great. Lately she has been asking to step away when social gatherings or playdates get too boisterous. We had a friend over today with her two high strung kids and Avery sat in the corner doing a puzzle while the siblings fought and screamed at each other and cried to their mother (not a great example for us to witness as we plan to have another child, btw… feeling some mixed feelings now…) Anyway, Avery was watching them out of the corner of her eye while she played by herself. Then eventually she cuddled up on my lap and continued to watch them. Then she asked if she could go up to her room to play with toys.

I totally support her need to step away. Some family members think she’s being antisocial (story of her young life…), but I think it’s really healthy that she can recognize when she needs some alone time and can act on that need rather than getting overwhelmed and emotional. As we enter a week full of Christmas festivities, I’m going to do my best to ensure she has the opportunity for a quiet reprieve. I feel so defensive of her budding introversion… I don’t know why its seen as some kind of social weakness ☹️

Happy holidays to all, and may you get the opportunity to recharge your batteries in whatever form that takes.

3 thoughts on “My little introvert at Christmas

  1. My daughter is totally an extrovert. She will talk to anyone. Lol but she does like doing her own thing and I don’t consider your daughter as having a social weakness at all. 2 year olds are unpredictable. Some kids just like to do their own thing and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. Don’t be scared to have more babies. Every baby is different! ❤️

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